Friday, March 2, 2012

More Birthday ATCs and a Turtle Pincushion

More birthday ATCs!

This set of ATC and fabric postcard is done by Sharon McGrath (Australia). A colourful collage of butterflies - one of my favourite subjects - on the postcard. A spider on the ATC! Do you know spider is a sign for good luck? Throughout time, the spider has been associated with many myths and superstitions. Spiders have always meant good luck to professional weavers and spinners, for obvious reasons. Spiders also bring good luck in money matters!

This set of peacock ATC, card and postage stamp came from Tahlia Holt (USA). Tahlia likes peacocks, so do I. Besides a self-designed peacock card and stamp, Tahlia sewed an exquisite peacock ATC.

Linda Keller (USA) did this crazy quilt ATC with small embroidered flowers.

More floral blooms, tatted ones too, from Maria Silva (Portugal) on a fabric postcard.

Annette Garcia (New Zealand) painted and dyed the background of this under-the-sea ATC. I love it - the colours and the way the embroidered plants and fish flow with it. The card shows the Omana Beach in New Zealand.

There was some small talk about this tatted flowervine pattern. It is a pretty and sweet one, I just couldn't resist trying to tat up a length!

StitchMap's February Fun Friday Toot was a turtle pin cushion. I did one embelished with a tatted flower and some simple beading, 12 cm from head to tail. So many mishaps along the way, I almost gave up completing it! Now my girls are asking for one too!


Val said...

Lovely cards, tatting and turtle pincushion! I want one too! :p

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

Lovely variety of ATC's.