Sunday, August 25, 2013

NDP. Some Kites.

This year, I managed to get tickets to the National Day Parade, by luck!  And better luck to manage to swap 1 of the tickets just the day before, in order to get a pair in the same sector!! It was a long time since I watched the NDP live.

I haven't done inchies for a while since Apr swaps, I'm back with Jul and Aug swaps.  Guess I'm now into origami, a number of them are all folded as I challenge myself to fold them small to fit the 1-inch squares - cranes, frogs and maple leaves.  The pink inchies, mermaid Moos and robot twinchies with the robot head inchies are done with die-cuts.
Notice the minion inchies?  I watched both shows and must admit they are simple and cute. Aren't they?
I didn't stop there.  Our office had a game to decorate kites, and we came up with a minion kite!   We aren't flying them yet, but it should be fun watching our little works up in the sky.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Weekends

What do I do during weekends, besides some housework  and some cooking?

A gathering and a little feast ... at Ju Shin Jung, on one Sat.  This was the first time we were here.  Overall, it was good in term of service and food, but my children and I decided that we enjoyed the food better at Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ (Oriental Plaza and Bras Basah). As Ju Shin Jung was just opposite Haw Par Villa at West Coast, we took a walk up the little hill, but it was too hot an afternoon for us to cover the whole place.  Nothing much has changed there as far as my memory served me - it's like something out of twilight zone, albeit a Eastern one; and a near-forgotten theme park so much so I thought it has closed down!  
I spent 2 plus hours at the library on another Sat afternoon trying out acrylic painting.  I don't really paint on my own, so it was a great time painting in a group.  Mixing the primary colours and white only, and dabbing the acrylic paint on a 16" by 12" canvas, it was fast filling up the space but getting the trees to pop up was hard.  The whole painting came alive with a quick touch up by our instructor!

Paper_Traders' swap on Crackle ATCs received from Beckie Holso "Times Past", Pam Prosser "Water Reflection", Connie Holso "Remember" and Melissa B Wilson "Chicago & Alton".  Wow, see those crackles!  Thanks gals, the swaps here are so interesting and everyone produced such great works.  In fact, I feel a bit pressurised trying to match up!

I joined another bookmark swap this year - Stitchmap's Summer Bookmark Swap.  I sent in tatted bookmarks naturally, with an extra lucky clover for our hostess, Gayle Morris.
I put to good use what I learnt - recycle plastic bottles.  I rounded all the corners and added a carrier rope I saved from paper carrier bag. It's a neat little container for some home-baked scones!