Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Long 100th Post - ATCs from Laura, Motif No. 4 - Owl on Paper Clip, Tatted Gifts, And A Giveaway!

First of all, I'm so happy and glad to receive Laura's ATCs. These 2 cards have travelled to and fro Australia and Singapore at least twice, and God knows where else or what happened between Apr to June. But finally, they made it to me! Look at the beautiful fabric ATCs adorned with tatting, and the beaded flower!

More ATCs I did. Again, the top 2 are tatted motifs mounted on scrapbooking papers, while the 3 bottom ones are paper cutting using 80 gsm acid-free paper.

NEW paper clip pattern for the month: an OWL! Isn't he cute ? Not quite difficult to tat him up if you know pearl tatting, but you'll need to go through your stash to find some felt and plastic eyes. This will be Motif No. 4 for my Round 2 of the 25 Motif Challenge. You can find the pattern on Georgia's Online Tatting Class, or click here for the pattern.

More tatting gifts for a few more colleagues who quitted, and these are not the last.

Last but not least, remember the giveaway I promised for my 100th post? How about this tatted periwinkle bookmark and some Flora threads in size 20? Just leave a comment for the draw. I will get my girl to pick a winner on National Day (9 Aug). If there are more than 20 comments, I hope to pick one more winner, but the Flora threads will be spilt among the 2 winners. So, 1 will get the periwinkle bookmark and 3 balls of Flora threads, while the other winner will get 3 different tatted paper clips and 4 balls of Flora threads.

Note: This giveaway is already closed. Winners will be announced shortly.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Farewell Gift, A Free Gift, A School Project and ATCs

Some months passed without anyone leaving the office, I mean, quitting from the job. A string of resignation now. This owl bookmark and card was tatted and given to Mariam. This owl bookmark is one of my favourites from Dianna Stevens' Animal Bookmarks - A Tatted Zoo.

I'm not often lucky, but this is one of the times. I won this book - "1,000 Jewelry Inspirations: Beads, Baubles, Dangles, and Chains" over at Craftside. I have noticed these 1000 Series of books previously, they are each loaded with 1000 coloured photos of the subject, giving you literally, a thousand of inspirations! I'm drooling all over simply leafing through the book!

My boy has to submit another school project again. Mummy has to helped again, and even his sisters were roped in to help with some typing work!

More ATCs done with tatting and paper cuttings. And I just found a local ATC group which meet monthly, more about that later!

This is my 99th post! I'm thinking of a giveaway in my next post. Watch the space!