Monday, October 28, 2013


I went on a 2-week trip to Norwalk, Connecticut and Manhattan, New York.  My first trip to USA - a long flight of 23 hours including a stop-over at Frankfurt, Germany.  DH went for a month-long course, while I joined him the last 2 weeks.  I was very much on my own to explore this big and diversified country, with DH joining me on weekends, and some nights for meals and night shopping.

Norwalk is a relatively quiet and peaceful place, compared to Manhattan, so I have the experience of 2 different "worlds" and "colours". Yes, colours. Colours of fall!!

I flew on 10 Oct, 11.55 pm flight (Singapore time), which was re-timed to 25 mins later.  Arrived Dolce Hotels & Resorts at 32 Weed Ave, Norwalk, in the afternoon on 11 Oct (New York time). Too sleepy to go anywhere that day...z..zz.zzz...

12 Oct 2013 (Sat), sunny, 14 deg C.  
Armed with my small Kipling backpack with all I need and walking boots, I started my adventure in Norwalk with a visit to the Maritime Aquarium at 10 North Water Street. This aquarium was founded as part of the efforts in mid-1970s by the city government and local organizations to revitalize the South Norwalk business district ("SoNo").  Though not as big as Singapore's SEA Aquarium in Resorts World Sentosa, the small colourful frogs and horseshoe crabs really caught my attention.  And Thor made an appearance that day!
 I followed with a cruise on Long Island Sound.
Took a walk to the Norwalk Museum at 41 North Main Street, but it was closed, so I walked on to the SoNo Switch Tower Museum at 77 Washington Street for a little bit of railway history. The museum is a fully refurbished 1896-built switch tower, formally used to house the mechanism of switching trains from one track to another. The operators then would operate the switch tracks by throwing levers in the tower. And that's what I tried.

Do you know "Confessions of a Shopaholic" was partly filmed along Washington Street in SoNo!
Ended the day with a dinner with DH and company at In Thai restaurant ar 456 Main Ave for obviously some Thai food. Some dishes were creative and certain ingredients used were different from that used in Singapore's Thai restaurant; but taste-wise, I still prefer our local ones.   
Transportation here was difficult without a car of your own.  Everyone drove.  Though there were public buses, but there were distances to walk to and from bus-stops, and remote most of the times. Since there were hardly people walking on the streets, there wasn't anyone to ask for directions if you were lost. Call 203.855.1764 for Norwalk taxis. Black Norwalk taxis driven by the black. Have this feeling of 黑社会! Fares were expensive. Doing up the sums, I chalked up US$210+ over the 5 days going around Norwalk and neighbouring towns on my own!   (Exchange rate US$1=S$1.249)