Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another ROM Card and Bookmark

September must be a great month for marriage, my hubby is looking for something for his colleague's ROM, so I helped. Simply love Teri Dusenbury's heart designs.
I tatted the Royal Trio bookmark again as I proof-read the pattern.

I finally finished Usha's tatted name tag after working on it for months since the conception! Just need to pack things together, and it will be on its way to Malaysia. Now, to catch up on the TIAS!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pattern for Motif no. 14/25

Click on the pattern to enlarge it (it should work, I think).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

TIAS 4 - Day 3 to 5 and Motif no. 14/25

Here's my Day 3 to 5 of TIAS 4, tatted with 3 co-ordinated purples of Flora 20 threads. Look like candles to me, but I doubt I would have guess it. Just wonder how Jane could figure them out already!

Have been progressing very slowly, but I'm still working on the 25 Motif Challenge, it's another one down. This is Motif No. 14/25 Royal Trio Bookmark, tatted with Manuela 20 thread and with a ribbon weaved through.

And finally, I'm at the last part of Usha's name tag, and hopefully, it will be finished by this week!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

TIAS 4 - Day 1 and 2

Thank Sherry for organising this round of TIAS. Here's my Day 1 and 2 done!
Check out how everyone is doing here:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hearts for Cass

This pair of interlinked hearts (Teri Dusenbury's Heart Frame pattern, tatted with Manuela 20 threads) were especially tatted for my colleague, Cassandra, for her ROM day on 9 Sep 08. Congratulations to Andy and Cass!

Me and Cassandra in my office workstation. My table is very messy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Motif No. 13/25 - Butterflies o'Five and Doilies From Usha

I have finished these butterflies a little while already, but only managed to take a photo now. These are tatted with size 20 threads, the first 2 on the left were shown earlier, and now 3 more, these complete Motif No. 13/25. Well, you are right if you notice that they are getting smaller and smaller. In fact, I have tatted another smallest one, but that is for another project which I'm keeping mum for now.

For the doily exchange, I was supposed to send to Mona and Usha to send to me. I received these delightful crocheted doilies from Usha. I don't crochet a lot, and is not familiar with crochet yarns, but the red doily is about 48 cm across, while the blue is about 32 cm and the coasters 10cm diameter each.

I am also doing a private exchange with Usha to swap some stamps and a name tag. Usha did a lovely one for me in cross-stitch, the photos below showed the 2 sides of the embroidered piece. Thank you, Usha, I'll treasure them! I must apologise to Usha I have not completed your name tag. Met with a bit of set-back - I have to cut away and re-do a few times, so I have to put it down for a while. Rest assure I'm concentrating on it now.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Love These Treasures! Andy Lau is Coming to Singapore!

If you have been following Dave's GMA blog, you might have noticed this custom-made order a little while ago. Dave sent my orders in 3 packages and I just received the last one. Here are what I got from him this time!

The scissors fob on the right is what I requested - a scissors fob with a small tatting shuttle hanging on it and it will work for a small quick project. Dave carved the shuttle from fossil mammoth ivory, 1 1/4" in length, and scrimshawed with my name. The shuttle hangs from a fob beaded with clear, green and purple Swarovski crystals. I will use the clasp on other end to attach a picot hook. Lovely, isn't it ?
The pendents on the top left and below are Celtic Ogham pendants - Dave made the mammoth ivory one on the top with symbols meaning protection, and Jo made the earthenware one below with symbols meaning joy. I like them long, and the earthly colours, and the most unique meaningful symbols.
Next are 2 hand-carved Yak bone - " Endless Knot" and "Precious Umbrella" -pendants made in Nepal. These 2 are part of the 8 auspicious symbols traditionally used to represent the qualities of the Buddha. The Umbrella symbolises protection against all evils, while the Endless Knot symbolises love and unity of all things.
Last but the least, I got another of Jo's solid moisturizing lotion bar. No, I have not finished the first bar I bought, but I love it so much, I just have to have one in my hangbag, and another one in my office! Lovely scent!
And before I end off, I'm too excited to hold back this news - I managed to get tickets for Andy Lau's Wonderful World Concert Tour 2008 and on the front 6th row! Ok, what's the big deal ? Well, Andy is the No. 1 idol in the Chinese entertainment scene, the tour kicked off in September last year and has successfully conquered 16 cities to-date, selling out every venue. Tickets are going so fast for the Singapore 12 Dec 2008 show, even the S$198 Category 1 tickets are left with back seats in the early afternoon of the 1st day of ticket sale! Due to the overwhelming response, a second show on 13 Dec 2008 has just been added today, and yes! we managed to get seats on the 6th row, thanks, to my colleague!