Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birthday ATCs!!!

Remember the birthday ATC swap I participated ? I'm the next person in the group with birthday coming up - today! I have received fabulous ATCs and lovely extras from my wonderful swap partners. Here are part of them -

From Eileen Carkett (UK).

Eileen was thinking about peacock when she put this ATC together - black velvet with foil added, some Angelina and some eyelash knitting yarn. There are some beads too, threaded on silver thread, all machine-stitched together. And a very lovely crocheted bracelet with beads too!

This ATC from Marja (The Netherlands) has different kinds of wool, a few little dried plants and some other fabrics which Marja doesn't know the English word for;-). Marja also dyed "old" wool blankets to make the little birds (and other things).

The third ATC that came is this lovely cross-stitched butterfly, accompanied by a matching card, from Jeannette Luttmer (Canada). This is my first cross-stitched ATC ever received, they will be treasured!

Kalona (UK) used a lot of materials - fabrics, yarns, threads, papers, etc. to create this very festive-looking reddish-pink ATC. Auspicious colours for Chinese! And to tie in with Valentine's day too.
Susan Highfield (Australia) is an embroideress, and a fine one too. Such a lovely intricate-looking umbrella!

There are more, I'll show them in my next post!

There are more ATCs, but they're the alphabet ones, and the last ones to wrap up the series. These are from Mari (South Africa) - T is for Teacups, U is for Umbrella, W is for Washing Line, X is for X'mas tree, Y is for Yo-yo and Z is for Zebra.

And the last 3 ATCs from Sherry (USA) - X is for X-ray, Y is for Yo-yo and Z is for Zebra in a Zipper. A polymer clay zebra hiding in the zipper bag!

I also took a photo of all my fabric alphabet ATCs together - every alphabet with a tatted critter. It was a real challenge that took me a good year and a half!

Finally, I have come to the last part of the StitchMap's challenge to sew a stitcher's travel bag with accessories - a scissors case. I made it with matching tatted flowers and butterflies.

The scissors fob was tatted some time back, and now hanging proud on the scissors!

Here are all the items I have made - the first things I sewed with my sewing machine!!

Roses to wrap up the post and my day! From DH, of course!

Thank you to all well-wishes!!


Ladytats said...

Happy Birthday to you. what a wonderful bunch of things to celebrate your day.

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday for Thursday! - I didn't read your post in time. I hope it was a happy day,and the flowers are beautiful!

BadPenny said...

Oh what beautiful birthday cards you received from the swap Happy Birthday for last Thursday.

Thank you also for joining my ATC challenge again. I love what you created for February. You will have a wonderful collection by the end of the year.
What a fantastic alphabet you created with the tatted critters - lovely !