Sunday, January 27, 2013

Home Is Where The Heart Is, Everything Made With Love

Crafts are going slow for me now that we are coping without a domestic maid in the house.  Even much lesser time on the computer, hence the much lesser posts.  But still, there are bit of bit of swaps to show!

Here's my last piece of fabric birthday ATC for the Stitchin fingers' 2012 Birthday ATC swap.  It's for Maria Silva (Portugal), her birthday falls on the last few days of Dec.

For the Dec ATC-doll swap, I sent a pair of gingerbreads to Marinda Sundwall (USA). 

In return, Marinda did a pair of vintage-style girls in winter.  I like the colours and composition, and the very different style from the cards I have.  

For the Dec fabric flat Christmas angel swap, I received Judaline's snowman angel and Constance's white angel, ...

and Kim's X'mas tree angel.  This is really real big compared to my Christmas angel girl! I just finished sewing her for myself.
For the supposedly Christmas elf button fairy swap, I received a poinsettia button fairy from Kim and a snowflake button fairy from Sue. What creative people around;  amazing works!

For the inchies-onexone swaps, Debbie sent out all the Sep, Oct and Nov swaps together.  It is always a great joy to receive a big package.

Sep swaps: Pair of elephants (paper tote-style) from Polly (UK).  Zentangle, Zetti, Graffiti, Geometric by Polly again. Spiral glitter also by Polly, Edgar Alan Poe by Marjorie Grace (2 inchies), flower tile print with green rhinestone by KW. 

Oct swaps: "Chamber Pot" by Polly (UK).  Universal Love zentangle by KW, Paint splash by Polly, maple leaf sequin by Marjorie Grace (2 inchies).  Japanese lady by Linda Ellis, Chinese word "Xi" Happiness by Debbie House Girl with umbrella by Polly, Flower by Marjorie Grace.

Nov swaps: "Wintertime" by Brooke Guadagno.  Plum pudding from Polly (2 inchies), sweets & gingerbread tree from KW.  Hat & mittens by Polly (UK), hat & stockings (stickers) by Brooke Guadagno.  Believe, Happy "Holly" Days from Brooke Guadagno, Earth from KW, Reindeer from Polly.  Flower from Brooke G (2 inchies), Silver from Polly, Snowflake from KW.  4 very colourful collage with glitter from Polly.

Last Sat, I attended an upcycle workshop in the Queenstown Library.  (Met Richard & Rita there!)  Using whatever provided, I came up with this in the workshop.  I was quite aimless when I started, but it did take shape finally.
This was only a practice for the project we are going to undertake - to do a double page of an old book on the theme "Home is where the Heart is".  It didn't take me too long to decide what to do.  I had to deviate from my original plan to use the children's photos, and instead to use my girls' favourite soft toys.  The girls are so excited and more than just happy with the outcome!  
According to the library, all the altered books will be part of an exhibition in June.