Sunday, December 28, 2008

Motif No. 19/25 - Angel Pam for Pamela's Secret Santa Exchange

My Secret Santa Exchange recipent was Pamela Myers. These were what I sent Pam.
Oops, I forgot the snowflake bookmark! Hope Pam won't mind I took this photo from her blog:
Angel Pam will be Motif No. 19/25. I decided to name this after Pamela, so as to differentiate the different angels that will follow in the coming weeks (hopefully).
Actually, there is another version of Angel Pam (photo below) - this was the first one I tatted. There were some slight differences in the head, the wings and the lower part of the skirt. I personally preferred the skirt of the angel I sent Pam (above), but I couldn't really decide which version was better for the head and the wings! What do you think ?

And if you noticed, yep, a ribbon could be weaved through again, to create a bookmark! Ok, I realise I love thinking up of designs that can be used as a bookmark or a motif for hanging or sewing/mounting onto a backing. Versatile is the word!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Gifts and Motif No. 18/25 - Bell Merry

I tatted and given away a total of 52 tree bookmarks this Christmas, wow, can't believe I actually managed! Received a lot of little gifts too, some very thoughtful ones. Thank you, everyone! I could barely snap a photo with my children's hands all over them!
I sent Vicki another package for Christmas as she sent me twice for the earlier summertime exchange.
Going anti-clockwise from top left corner, there are Christmasy words cut on the pink glitter stockcard using QuicKutz die-cuts, the yellow and black yardages are machine-tatted edgings I bought, a poinsettia motif tatted with Olympus 40 thread (pattern from a Japanese book) mounted on an organza bag, a Singapore Flyer postcard, my tree bookmark tatted with Aida 10 thread, and Bell Merry - a new bell motif tatted with Flora 20 thread. It's not difficult to guess why the name, right ? This will be Motif No. 18/25.
Will post what I sent to Pamela for the Secret Santa Exchange once I find the photos, and in the meantime, waiting for mine to come.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fahrenheit's Fantasy and All The Trees

I'm not exactly a fan of Fahrenheit, but with Keppel Night's 50% off the tickets for the group's Fantasy World Tour concert on last Friday night, I guess it was a steal. From the crowd, fans were mostly young girls, eager to catch a glimpse of their handsome idols. Yes, all will agree they are young and handsome. The phenomenal 'Super Boy-band' is currently the hottest Chinese act that is taking the world by storm. The group comprises of Aaron Yan, Wu Chun, Calvin Chen, and Jiro Wang. and they are so popular that they have even conquered the non-mainstream Chinese territories such as Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Korea! As I don't follow the latest Chinese pops, I couldn't really appreciate all the songs, though some were nice. I could see the boys put in a lot of effort for their songs, but personally, I felt that 4 person's effort were not as good as veteran Andy Lau. Nevertheless, it was an eye-opener for my 2 children.

And for a good whole month, I'm tatting almost nothing else but all these little trees for Christmas gifts, well, not all finished yet, and still rushing a few more!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Christmas Shuttle, Heart Coaster and A Wonderful Concert

Received this new shuttle a few days ago, which I won on ebay. Made by the Shuttle Shop using Northern Black Cherry wood, this is the Christmas 2008 edition featuring a hedgehog. This is my 4th shuttle from the Shuttle Shop.

I was packing my stuff and found this acrylic coaster which I bought from Ikea months (or is it years!) ago. I remembered I bought it with the intention to put a tatted heart inside, as the coaster is made up of 2 identical pieces (top and bottom) and with magnets to attach both pieces together. This tatted heart was the one I won in Wendy's blog giveaway a little while ago, and I have attached it with glue dots on a cover of a note book. Now I think it is just so perfect in this coaster, both in shape and size, isn't it ?

And after the long wait, he was finally here, standing on stage, with a full house of 7000 audience on each night, all eyes on him, and I was among the 7000 there on the 2nd night, together with my mother, my colleague and her 3 sisters!
He's so handsome, so manly and such well-toned muscles. Fans were screaming away the whole night long, and were too eager to sit down (at the same time, it was very cramp as the organiser added so many seats!). Though I prefer his Canto pops to the Chinese songs, Andy is remarkable in his showmanship - all the different dances (real dance, not just hopping and jumping around), magic stunt, and a drama performance. I must also add the digital screen effect was fantastic. This was the most spectacular of the 5 concerts I attended this year, and most tiring one having to stand the most of the 2 hour plus!
This jacket was so cute!
Took a few video clips of some of the Cantonese songs Andy sang. Weren't well taken, but watching them brought back fond memories of the concert.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Secret Santa Exchange Sent, Macrame Rose Bracelet and Visit to Singapore Flyer

Phew! Finally, my package has gone out and it's on its way to its recipent for the Secret Santa Exchange. Hope it reaches its destination in good time for Christmas.

Besides tatting more of my tree design for Christmas gifts, I have done 2 more new designs for the season - 1 finished just in time for the exchange, another one is going to Vicki hopefully by next week. Won't be showing any photos just yet. But here's one photo of a bracelet I did a few weeks back. It's designed by Janet Koh, a local jewellery designer. I bought the kit complete with all the materials, it should be quite a quick project, but I took quite a while with it, especially the starting part. Well, it's my first macrame piece, and I'm happy to wear it.

Today, we went to the Singapore Flyer. Completed in Dec 2007 and standing at 165m, the giant observation wheel gives an unobstructed 360 degree view of Singapore landscape. Next time, I'll bring a pair of binoculars!