Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Year Bag Exchange from Usha, Tatted Hearts Paper Clips

Having previously exchanged with Usha, I know she is an accompolished crocheter. So when I received this crocheted bag, it was no surprise. Besides this pleasant blue-toned bag, Usha also did a set of 6 coasters and some pretty roses and flowers! Thank you, Usha! I would have taken ages to crochet all these! But they really make me very tempted to take out my hooks to try those crocheted flowers.

I have been working on some new ideas for a while, but have not reveal them so far. It's hard to keep secret. Last year, Georgia asked if I could do a project with paper clips for the Online Tatting Class. Now, this is the first of the series - Hearts for Feb 2009.

Check out Wally's beaded version - stunning! Wally also tied the ends of the interlinked hearts into a bow, that sure save the sewing. Great idea, Wally!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Concert to Start the Year

Last week was a tough one. First, it was my youngest girl falling sick with fever and vomitting. Next, my elder girl and both my parents went to the doctor, and myself too. All of us caught the virus - hard luck. A bright side to it was I lost the 2 kg I want to lose all these months! And luckier, my mom and myself were well enough on Saturday to catch a performance and concert.

Betrayed Babies was about a family of women struck by personal tragedies, set in the style of TV drama Sandiwara of the '80s, but presented by professional technical crew. Ok, not really my cup of tea, but I didn't want to waste the complimentary tickets.

Next, after a light dinner, we were at the concert "George Lam and the Symphony Orchestra" - at Singapore Expo, The MAX Pavilion. George performed for the first time with a symphony orchestra in Singapore.
No fanciful costume, no dancer nor dance, but backed with a full orchestra to hot up the live mood of the concert; looking and listening to George was just as entertaining as he sang through 2 hours plus and 2 encores to satisfy his fans. Rumored to be his last world tour before retirement, George Lam is well known for his eccentric, satirical humor, cool demeanor and his moustache, and no doubt about it. He is a singer, songwriter, composer and actor; not exactly handsome, but charming in his own way, especially when he sings, be it a gentle love ballad like “Xuan Ze” (选择) or a strong macho song such as “Nan Er Dang Zi Qiang” (男儿当自强), be it a slow track or a fast one.
One of his next stops is in Malaysia in Apr 09. If you have your speakers on, you can listen to a few of his popular hits in the link, at least before the event is over.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

UFO Bags

Maybe I have worked too hard tatting more than 50 Christmas trees, and also the new school year just started and had to settle 3 children in primary school, I hardly had time and mood to tat much this past 2 weeks. I haven't forgotten Usha's bag for the New Year Exchange, but I have not made much headway. Still hoping I can catch up and mail it out in time.

Talking of bag, I found these UFOs; too bad they are too small to meet the requirement of the exchange. The tatting parts are all done, UFO because I haven't done the lining yet and that's the hardest part for me cos' I can't sew on the machine.
This first one is Dianna Steven's pattern.
Can't remember where I got the following purse pattern.

The next 2 are patterns from Japanese book(s).

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cranes, Zen Mozaic, Celestial, SS Exchange Received

Is this pretty ?
Can you guess where this picture come from ?

Well, a jewellery box !
DH bought this mother-of-pearl lacquerware (together with the smaller one below) from Korea when he made a transit there on an official overseas trip a little while ago. Simply stunning and very fine workmanship!

This is my Christmas gift from DH. It was no secret as I chose it myself, there's what I prefer - to have what I like. I was considering a 4-GB pink one or a 8-GB black one which were what they had in the store, I decided capacity was more important than colour.

And those are not all, these are my early birthday gifts ! Of course I selected them myself, couldn't decide between the two, so I ended up with both!

And look what came in the mail today - a parcel from my Secret Santa!

Thank you, Tara! Love the colours of the beads and thread, and I like to collect buttons. I remember this brand of chocolate from a previous exchange, it was real delicious. The lovely ornament is tucked in the pretty box. So lovely!

I'm a very happy girl today!!!