Sunday, December 4, 2011


Just a few ATCs this week. I touched up a few of my previous cards for a Christmas swap,

and the following "T is for Teacup" and "U is for Umbrella" received from Sherry for the alphabet swap. It was a very busy week, stressful and tiring, and a few late nights too - preparing a tender, attending company D&D, watching a musical, sourcing for a new maid (yet again), and trying to clean up my house (some bugs overrun 2 of the rooms, thanks to my maid, and it seems to be spreading) :( Have to call in the pest control guys, they are coming on Monday, hope things will be better. On a more lightful note, we will be taking a 2-week break in China - flying off on Tueday!! It will be a cool, or rather, a very cold change (the temperature, that is) :)

The musical, a year-long wait, was W!LD RICE's pantomime - Aladdin. As usual, a well-loved fairy-tale was given a clever local twist and charmed audiences with its side-splitting comedy, heart-warming songs and snazzy dance routines. Asian Idol winner, Hady Mirza, and Singapore Idol runner-up, Sylvia Ratonel, made their theatrical debuts as Aladdin and Jasmine (in photo above). They sang well. Directed by Glen Goei, the cast also included Karen Tan as Wizard ABBA-k’adab-rah, Darius Tan as Widow Wong Kee and Juwanda Hassim as Genie of the Lamp, and some 50 young talents from the age of 4 to 14 as part of W!LD RICE’s First Stage programme. Karen and Darius brought so much laughters and delightful sqeaks!

The story and the twist - Wizard ABBA-kadab-rah wants to rule the world! He needs 3 wishes from the Genie in the Magic Lamp. But in order to get that – he needs the help of a boy who is pure of heart. In other words, he needs Aladdin! Aladdin & the Wizard go on a magical musical mash-up adventure as they sing their way to the Blue Mansion in Malacca to steal a magic ring from the fearsome bibik - Amelia of Amethyst Rise (left on the above photo). With feisty sidekick Jasmine (the not-so-little nyonya) in tow, off they go to the fabled Batu Caves. But what treachery lies in store for poor Aladdin? When the Wizard traps Aladdin in the cave & whisks Jasmine away to his harem of Single Ladies in the exotic land of Ukenastan, will it be courage, love or magic that will unite them? For local friends, you can still join Aladdin & friends (& fiends) on a GLEEful adventure that weaves pop hits and show tunes into delightful showstoppers! Aladdin is on till 17 Dec. Not an advertisement, but a recommendation for a good treat for the whole family.