Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weekend in New York

19 Oct 2013 (Sat), overcast, 10-17 deg C.
DH skipped some optional modules and we spent the weekend sight-seeing New York via the fastest way - taking the bus.  The agents were all over the streets!
The weather wasn't exactly very cold, but I wasn't prepared for it and didn't have the appropriate jackets.

Colours on the trees hadn't quite changed yet, according to Nina, it would change only the next month. So glad I went Connecticut first!  Two very different worlds, not just the colours.

And the 3rd loop.

Getting dark and getting colder!
Colourful M&M World at Times Square!  You could personalise the M&Ms too, but they aren't cheap. 

20 Oct 2013 (Sun), sunny, 10-17 deg C.
How can we miss weekend flea markets?  We didn't pick up anything though, but discovered different flavours of s'mores, toasted to order.

We were lucky that the United States federal government shutdown ended barely a few days ago and we were able to visit the Statue of Liberty!
Walking around Chinatown and Little Italy in the late afternoon.

And we went on a night bus tour.  Bought some snacks and drinks back the hotel.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bye Bye, Connecticut!! Hello, New York!!

17 Oct 2013 (Thu), overcast/sunny, 17 deg C.
I dared not venture too far from Norwalk on my own, so I took cab to Darien today, to the Bates-Scofield House.  I was walking straight into a 18th century farmhouse!  It was built around a massive central chimney with a huge fireplace and beehive oven, the house is an original Darien farmhouse thoughtfully restored to its origins. 
Darien is a nice little quiet town.  I took a long stroll around and managed to see some nice autumn colours.

Before I knew it, I found myself close by the train station, and decided to find my way back to Norwalk by train.  Not many people around to ask for info, the office was locked and I was walking up and down the platform almost in despair.  But, I managed to hit the right person for help and I was finally on the train back to Norwalk for a salad in Chocopologie before heading back to hotel.  

I did a sum, couldn't believe I chalked up US$215 in cab fares for just 5 days!  I had looked up the option to take public bus but the place is big, houses are far and between, few people on the pavement, I hardly notice any bus or bus stop. Even cab is difficult to flag off the road and has to be called. Oh well, this was our last night in Connecticut. 

18 Oct 2013 (Fri), sunny, 15-19 deg C.
Left Dolce for New York on a chartered bus with DH.  They dropped me outside Columbus University and I made my own way by Metro to Lower Manhattan to meet ..(drum beat).. Nina!  Yes, Nina Libin in person!!  Nina stays in a neat little apartment, I was so impressed with her computer system - 2 real huge monitors side by side, set up by her husband, oh wow! And of course a feast on the eyes seeing all her tatted jewellery with all those beads!  Ate a simple lunch with Nina and I tried my first goat cheese and almond milk!  Love the tastes! 
I couldn't stay long though and had to rush back to check in Le Parker Meridien, catch a quick dinner and then to The Metropolitan Opera House to catch Vincenzo Bellini's "Norma".  Hubby's classmate bought the ticket, but they had night lesson, so I went!
The opera ended around 10.40 pm.  So many people were trying to flag for cab. The hotel wasn't far, but my sense of direction was poor and the night was dark and cold.  Never mind, I could get back on foot, and I did, but not before walking in the wrong direction part of the way and asking for directions.  I did have a local phone with google map, but at times, I just couldn't figure out which direction it was pointing!  

Sunday, May 11, 2014

May ATC Session and More Library Workshops

We did still life drawing for May ATC session at Bishan Library, thanks to Wei Lian, our librarian!
My Selfie ATCs which I did for an earlier swap but they came back to me instead, after a month out there, without reaching the destination.
I swapped them for these selfies from (going clockwise from top left) Mdm Au, Helen Wong, Jessica Chua, Selina Yeoh. Mother's Day ATC from Victor and Doris.  Theme for Jun ATC session will be "Holidays".

More workshops I attended in the libraries.  Had the chance to attend a 2nd round of the leather craft and this time, I went prepared to make a leather pouch for my shuttles, hook, needle and scissors.

Spent yesterday cycling with Kristine at East Coast Park up to Changi Beach Park.  Kristine is pretty confident now!
And it was a real fine day yesterday - blue sky with cool clouds.  I had to slap on generous amount of sun block. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Little Things The Children Did And Little Things I Did

Nowadays, the children are real busy with their school works, CCA and whatnot, they are hardly doing any crafts.  But they did hide themselves and locked the bedroom doors for a day to do up something for me for my birthday earlier this year.
Kristine borrowed my maths compass set and drew a cute set of ATCs, while Joey did a card with numerous windows and pockets hidden with little notes.

From time to time, they will do some little things, like this little rabbit sewed up by Joey. 
Ivan also managed to sew up a little gal with a little help/guidance here and there.

These, I tatted for Joey, for her to pack into little gift boxes for her table tennis team seniors - the club's tradition to give small gifts for the graduating seniors!

I made little something for myself too - fabric flowers for my hats.

Suddenly, I feel like I would do with a fabric tissue pouch but not a usual one which I did before, so I made up one with 2 additional pockets. I used my sewing machine which I have not touched for a long time.  I'm so lousy with it that I even have problem sewing a straight line and became multiple lines!