Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mainly ATCs

Just received my paper-cutting ATCs - (top left corner going clockwise) from Florinda, Susan, "Bean Sprout #1" from Melissa, and "Wild Hyacinth Blubell" from Edie. Thank you, everyone!
These were what I did and sent.

For this month A*Live ATC session in Bishan Library, we tried perspective drawing. Long time I didn't try drawing! Got the "Kite Entangled" from Rita (middle card on the right) - love the concept and the drawing! The top 3 are from Joey, and the bottom 2 are from Kristine in exchange for my Easter fabric ATCs.

I did these "Eat with the Family" ATCs; we made our favourite dessert, tang yuan, together one afternoon, boiled them and everyone ate and enjoyed them. I don't made them very often, it is a treat every now and then, as I made them differently from those selling outside.

This is a Chinese New Year lantern my boy did for his school earlier in Feb - his concept and work, and with some input from me. Won a prize too!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Even More Tatted Names and Names on Paperclips (Motif No. 15) and Some Easter ATCs

Here are more tatted names - 2 for my OWOH giveaway winners:
Connie and Sandi's daughter, Devon.

These set of paperclips, plus my lucky clover paperclip, was for my boss who joined us briefly for half a year:

and 1 for myself:

All these names on paperclips will count as Motif No. 15 of the 25 Motif Challenge (2nd round).

I'm now tatting flowers for a break finally! Hurray!

In-between, I managed to needle-felt some bunnies, tatted some small eggs for these hand-stitched fabric Easter ATCs.
This first set is already on their way to Ann in Germany.

Finished 2 more sets subsequently - these 2 are already reserved by my girls.

and I just must keep 1 set for myself!

That's all for now!