Sunday, June 24, 2012

Still Trying To Catch Up!

Don't know where my time went to, but every day passed in a flash - buried under files and memos at work, swamped with issues and endless tasks for my children in the evenings and weekends, coaching them for exams in May, accompanying them to school functions after exams, meeting teachers, and arranging everything for their school overseas trips.  Nowadays, students fly more than even the average working adults!  Never have I felt so overwhelmed.

I did not managed to do much craft, just couldn't find the time to sit down and concentrate, not to mention updating my blog.  Luckily tatting is so portable, at least  I could tat on the go!  Stitchin Fingers' May swap was on the theme of "Witch" - something I would not have considered previously, but a concept suddenly struck me.  The background was painted, the witch was highlighted using a black fabric cloth for the cloak and a tatted hat which I just made up.  Not too bad for a piece which I managed to finish in record time!

My witch flew over to Trillian (Germany), and another witch arrived in Singapore from UK from Kathryn Cooke.

My Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann with a modern feel!  

All the clothings were recycled from mailers sent by departmental stores.  This first pair of ATCs is done for Mary Flower (USA). 

And Lisa Wagenhurst (USA) sent a real cute pair of Raggedy Andy and Ann paper dolls in place of ATCs. 

For the birthday ATC swap, Eileen Carket (UK) likes colours that are close together.  I tatted this Celtic butterfly for her ATC.  This tatted pattern of Ruth Perry is one of my favourite butterflies so far.
Another piece tatted and sewn up for the month of June for The Linen Shelf's monthly ATC challenge.

June comes so quickly, I still haven't managed to catch my breath.  Okay, I went for a 2-week trip (so, there is even more backlog!), but hope I'll find the time to blog about it soon.