Monday, July 28, 2008

Movie Reviews, Tatted Name and New Tatting Bags

I don’t normally go to the cinema except during the Jun and Dec school holidays, but this year, it seems the films were late by a month, and I just watched 3 in a week: “Red Cliff”, “The Dark Knight” and “Hellboy II”.

I only know bits and pieces of China history, so I read up a little bit. The Battle of Red Cliff, also known as the Battle of Chibi (赤壁之戰), was a decisive battle in Chinese history in the year 208, at the end of the Han Dynasty, between the allied forces of the southern warlords, Liu Bei and Sun Quan, and the numerically superior forces of the northern warlord Cao Cao. The allied victory at Red Cliff provided a line of defence that was the basis for the later creation of the two southern kingdoms of Shu Han and Eastern Wu, and together with Cao Cao’s Kingdom of Wei, formed the Three Kingdoms. The most detailed account of the battle comes from the biography of Zhou Yu in the 3rd-century historical text Records of Three Kingdoms (Sanguo Zhi). An exaggerated and romanticised account is also a central event in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the first of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. This, my boy is currently reading, so my boy jumped at the chance to watch the movie. Whether it is to know a bit more of history, or to watch Tony Leung and Takeshi, or simply because it is the most expensive Asian-financed film to date at US$80M, I wouldn’t miss the film. Now, we’re waiting for the sequel to the show that will lead to the actual battle!

I can’t imagine “The Dark Knight” was a longer show than “Red Cliff”, though not a dull moment throughout. Just that, there wasn’t a single hint of cheerful mood at all, and we left the cinema with a sort of heavy heart. “Hellboy II: The Golden Army” was surprising better than its first, at least, that’s my opinion. A lot more mythical creatures and not as disgusting as the first in terms of the look of the creatures. Kristine thinks Hellboy is cute and she was giggling all the way when Hellboy and Abe sang love song in the show!

So, for the whole week, I only managed to finish this gift for my colleague. Geraldine has been my colleague for the past 13 years of my 14-year working life so far, and this week will be her last with the company. I will miss you! All the best to you, Geraldine!
Alphabets are patterns of Teri Dusenbury and tatted with Altin Basak size 50 thread.

I know my partner has already received my package for the Christmas in July Exchange; I’m still waiting for mine to come. On a happier note, I have received these delightful bag and pouch I bought at Etsy from Jane Eborall. I love red background and the paisley prints, and the way Jane did the poke-proof pouch for shuttles. Thank you, Jane!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Motif No. 12/25 - Sharon's Challenge Snowflake and the Wynners 33rd Anniversary Concert

This is my attempt using the snowflake picture posted on Sharon's blog on 3 Jul 08. I'll count it as Motif No. 12 for the 25 Motif Challenge too.

I used the blue outline. I guessed most of us see the butterflies, so I tatted butterflies as close to the outline as possible. Tatted with Manuela 20 thread, it measured 9.5 cm in diameter. Tried my best, but there is inconsistencies in the tension of the dimpled rings - not easy to control when the bigger dimpled ring is 52 ds. Actually, my earlier Snowflake Meme was also designed based on a snowflake picture, I find this method easier!

19 Jul 08 (Sat) - The Wynners held their 33rd Anniversary Concert 2008 in the Singapore Indoor Stadium to near full capacity of 7500. Sitting in the centre on the 5th row from the stage, my mother and I were part of the crowd, and had good view of our idols, Alan Tham and Kenny Bee. Coincidently, my colleague, Fiona and sisters, also separately got tickets there and were some 10 seats away from me in front. And in the next seat to mine, a guy in his 40s, was cheering so loudly for Alan the whole night! A lot of flower bouquets, a lot of cheering, a lot of jokes and laughter, a lot of songs (50!) and clapping to the tunes in the 3 hours! Besides the noisy guy beside me, an old man in front of me (yes, he's really old with a full head of white hair and wrinkled hands) stood up from his seat and waved both hands feebly to the music too! All had a good time!

Kenny Bee in action!

Alan Tham singing solo, and still so dashing in white, despite apparently gaining quite a bit of weight!

Anthony Chan drumming away to 2 songs via satellite in Britain.

From left to right: Bennett Pang, Kenny Bee, Alan Tam and Danny Yip

Took some video clips too with the digital cam, effect isn't great, but still can see and hear a little bit!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Needle Minder

Finally, I bought this cameo needle minder from Dave of Grizzly Mountain Arts. I have been watching them for a while and just can't make up my mind which one I want. Not easy to decide when all are so pretty!

Along with it, I also bought this solid moisturizing lotion bar in the form of a rose. I don't know which oil, but there is this scent which I like and it lingers. As pretty as is its scent!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kristine is Drawing and Part 2 of Motif No. 11/25 - Simple Snowflake Bookmarks

I found this drawing in my bag, drawn by Kristine, I thought it is quite cute - a pig playing the keyboard and a thunderstorm outside.

And these are simple bookmarks using the snowflake motif, and tatted with Manuela 20 variegated threads:

Still working on the package for the summertime exchange. I managed to get it (it is one of my favourites), and there will be a bit of everything - in all colours, in all mediums, in all shapes and sizes. Got a cut and shed some blood, but still rolling out more tonight, and hope to get everything done by the next 2 days or so!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wrapping Up of a Round Robin, TIAS 3 Cat, Be Warned!

Well, with this mail, I have completed my International Round Robin! Phew, it was a bit tougher than I expected and took longer than I hoped, when I decided to come up with all my own designs for my partners. But yes, I did it!!!

These went to Meme for the snowflake round. I came up with all the snowflakes, except the holly leaves and berries which I adapted from one of the Japanese books and put them on paper clip. One of my favourites to tat for Christmas, and I did a lot of these and gave away the last Christmas.Special thanks to Sharon for organising the Round Robins. And more thanks to my partners who sent souvenirs in addition to their tatting: Meme (Chile) who sent me her sincerest hearts, Hanna (Sweden) who sent a dainty seahorse bookmark and Vicki (Canada) who sent a mighty dragon. Supposed to get another one (snowflake) from Jennifer Morris (USA), but it seems she has not even sent the first out, or if she has any intention to send at all!

Speaking of people who default on exchanges, I mentioned in the lists of this lady who defaulted on an exchange with me and another tatter last year. Well, most of us are doing all tatting and exchanges for interest and we have our own jobs and families to take care off; tatters are most understanding when things do get in the way. But what I feel most hurt and puzzled is that she is pretty active in the list, posting a lot of mails every now and then, and obviously still tatting away, yet she could not send me a single note to explain and apologise for been late or not been able to complete the exchange. Only recently when I finally expressed to her that I will post her name in the list, she finally dropped me a note. Still no apology, but full of sarcastic remarks the way I read it. I have no idea if she has been participating in exchanges and if the same has happened to others, but be warned!

I like cats, and managed to squeeze time to tat this cat from Jane's bonus patterns from the TIAS 3.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Motif No. 10/25 - Snowflake Meme, Motif No. 11/25 - A Bunch of Small Snowflakes

I have been working on snowflakes, big and small. This big one was tatted with Manuela 20, and it is about 4 3/4" from tip to tip. I designed this snowflake for Meme for the International Round Robin, so I am naming it "Snowflake Meme".

This is a small one, about 1 5/8" from tip to tip.These are the smallest ones, about 1", and tatted on paperclips. Well, I sketched out the designs and tatted them without referring to any book and pattern, but they are such simple motifs, I wouldn't be surprised if they look like other tatters' previous designs, though I don't think I have come across others tatting snowflakes on paperclips.

Well, I am not finished with snowflakes yet, small simple bookmarks coming next!