Sunday, January 18, 2015

Last Swaps for 2014

I didn't have time to finish up the trick part of this 2014 Pam Colosimo's Treat or Trick Swap earlier. Finally, it's done and the blank parts coloured with markers.  I'm not too good with painting and colouring though.
The folder is 6.5"×5", with 4 cards of size 4"×3" done by Mel Dunkley, Sandy Alsfasser, Shelly Recicar and myself.  Pam also generously enclosed tags she made. 

Here's the close up of my witch cards.

Last but not least, winter button fairies, one for R/Dr Amy (USA).

Love the white snowflake on the wings of this fiery red button fairy Amy did for me.

Monday, January 12, 2015

January ATC Session @Bishan Library

We started off our ATC session in the new year with the making of swing cards. I tried my hands combining it with our theme " New Year".
A type of 3D card, these swing card can be flipped in a single piece.  We tried making them in ATC size. 

I find it amazing how the swing transforms the picture and how it can hide so much details behind it.  One really has to try making it to visualize it.  But not so simple as our participants found out. Well, practice makes perfect, as the saying goes.

I tried doing more of the circle shape and also the square shape.
ATCs swapped with Jessica (house-shaped ATC) and Selina.

And when the swing cards are opened...
The theme for 12 Feb 2015 ATC session is "Valentine Fairy". 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Few ATC and Christmas Swaps

There was a set of missing ATCs in the earlier Round Robin swap over at Paper Traders. On the replacement set that came, I added origami morning glory,  paper cutting umbrella, saxophone and leaf. And off they went to the 4th person for more embellishment. 
Love owls?  I'm so happy to receive these owl ATCs from Debra Claxton (USA) - top piece, and Eileen K (USA) - bottom pieces, from the Paper Traders Oct ATC speed round swap. 
I did mine with a tatted owl.
Eileen also generously enclosed extra ATCs she did for a few previous swaps. Oh, wow! 
For the Christmas ATC swap hosted by Nikki Smith (USA), I sent these.. the wrapped up one, with the ATC booklet on quotes on gifting, is meant as a secret Santa exchange.  I also sent along a tatted flower which I hope Nikki will like.

Received my Christmas swap from [going clockwise from top-left corner] Jo Murray (Australia), Barb Adams (USA), Susan Peeler (USA) and Nikki.  The bottom ATC is my secret Santa piece from Barb.
I didn't have much time to do more Christmas crafts, only tatted holly and berries for 2 large wooden pegs and folded a troop of Santa Claus.  Christmas came and past in a wink!

Kristine does have a flair for drawing, don't you think?  These, she drew on A3 or bigger papers.  After these, she is now working on paper clay.  Last few days to play before school starts!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December ATC Session @Bishan Library

We have come to our last session for the year.  I found a few interesting Christmas origami models and a very cute Santa Claus. So, we were folding away during our last ATC session.
Christmas ATCs I did this year with iris folding and origami.
The smallest Santa is done with 1.5cm squares.

Keethi, who just learnt tatting from me, found out about our ATC session, did this Christmas ATC.
Theme for 8 Jan 2015 ATC session is "New Year".

Monday, November 17, 2014

November ATC Session @ Bishan Library - Tunnel Cards and House ATCs

After the Tunnel Book Swap, I used the same concept to do ATCs. Sure add more texture to the usual flat cards.

We did more of these cards during the Nov ATC session in Bishan Library.  Even first-timer, Pearly, did a super good job on her "Beauty" card! 
Beside the regular rectangular-sized ATC, I hope to bring participants' attention to other interesting shapes that others are creating.  We did the tombstone-shape last month, this month we tried the house-shape.
Lovely house ATCs done by Cheo Hiang and Doris. 
We'll be folding Christmas origami in the December ATC session on 11 Dec. Bring along red and green papers to fold Santa Claus and Christmas trees!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Few Great Swaps

When was the last time I sewed a fabric postcard?  I think this should be it - only 2 designs and a total of 3 pieces so far.  This time, I did 6 with our Singapore merlion. The theme - "Colours of My Country", nothing more suitable for the theme than our national icon!  Quite pleased with the results. I used felt for the merlion and they were sewed together with sequins. And I just love to crochet these small hearts. They went to Lisa Alff (USA), Constance Peterson (USA), Hollie Poley (USA), Joanna McCreadie (UK) and Jeanette Sillonis (USA).
Postcards received from (top left going clockwise) Constance, Lisa, Hollie, Joanna, Vicky Christodoulou-Baker (Canada) and Jeanette. 

Remember the painted paper collage swap? Mine came in from Debra Claxton (USA)  with a lovely postage stamp people ATC too!
Paper Traders always has something new.  This time we swapped tunnel books.  They are fun!
"Something Wicked" received from Pam Colosimo (Canada). 
And mine for Pam C.
Did a second book to keep.
More tag swaps.  Soon there will be enough tags for a second book (my first tag book here)!  I did my tags with the tatted rose lino prints.  As this swap is for tag-on-tag, I tatted rose for the small tag to match the print. (I just couldn't stop tatting these sweet roses!)  They went to Pam Colosimo (Canada), Cathy Calamas (USA) and Barb Adams (USA).

Received these tags from Debra Claxton (USA), Barb A and Beckie Holso (USA).

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Masterboard Tag, Round Robin ATCs, Dominoes

What is a masterboard? Not the ceiling board, I don't talk about work here.  Here are some links on the masterboard that I'm referring to: 
ten thirty-six art
Shellie Lewis

I also tried creating masterboards.  It's easier if you have a theme in mind. Both bases are done with marbling and stamping basically, plus a bit of gesso, pearl powder and mist ink.
From the big piece, we cut it down to a postcard and tag.  I did my master board as big as my initial watercolour paper is, without cutting,  and managed to get 2 postcards, 2 tags and 2 ATCs. The top set was sent to Pam Prosser (Australia) and the bottom set to Mel Dunkley (UK).
Another set of my own tags.
The swaps came in from Barb and Debra.
Paper Traders had a round Robin swap which started in July. First time I joined an international round robin swap, and oh my, so many mails and photos everyone were posting. It was a bit of confusion and some lost sets in the mail.  I received my completed set relatively fast though.
These are the other ATCs that were in the round-robin which I added my bit (the sets with pink border).

Remember the domino book swap? I was hunting high and low for the domino tiles then. Since I got a box of them, I'm ready to do more altered dominoes. I used marbling inks for the background this time and embellished with a tatted rose in size 80 threads. DH hand-carried a new hand drill and clamp back from China for me to play with, and I managed to drill some holes on my own.  I remembered the last time I drilled anything was in my secondary school days during Technical class when we used big drilling machine to drill holes in metal pieces.  How I missed those days!  
Hollie sent me 2 tiles - one for summer and one for winter.  Hollie says lighthouse is for summer, with long walks on the beach playing in the sand and looking for shells.  Thank you, Hollie!

More Halloween swaps!  More tombstone ATCs! 
These were sent to the host, Nikki Smith, in USA.
Swap returned with cards from Cathy Calamas, Jo Murray, Ann Cameron and Nikki herself.