Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August ATC Session @Bishan Library

Have you hand-stitching before?  What do you stitch on?  We tried stitching on all types of paper from thin origami papers and magezines to normal drawing board to thick postcards. All  work fine, just make sure you prick the holes first with good support of the paper and take tender care during the stitching.
We managed to gather a good size of moon-themed ATCs for the library's mooncake festival celebration on 5 Sep.

My moon-themed ATCs.

Swapped 1 for Judy Kwek's ATC done on colouring with baby oil background.
We will be doing tea bag folding in the next ATC session on 10 Sep 2015.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

12 Different Workshops

This time round, I attended 2 workshops held outside the library.  We went to DESINERE studio at Oxley BizHub in Ubi for paper pleating.  If it looks simple to you, then you have to try it first. It sure takes lots of patience to fold and lots more practices to get it to look presentable!

We had more fun going round 3 letterpress machines to print the blank bookmarks over at Papypress. A real treat to see and use these machines and more vintages ones too. 

Copper pipes are retro-looking and lend itself well to concealing wires inside. Here we did a copper lamp with some help - we cut and bent the pipes, drilled/screwed the base and assembled the whole lamp.  Got me reminiscing the technical classes doing metal works and wood works during my Secondary school days.  Missed those lessons although filing metal was real tedious for me!

Have you seen any sand animation show before? I have seen some very impressive ones. Thought I'll give it a try, but it's not easy if you are a perfectionist yet not an artist. Luckily it was a group effort.
Another new friend, Vicki! 

I am really bad at copying and worse at drawing and painting, this was the best I could do.  I'm actually quite pleased I managed to complete it at the very least. 

Do I miss the times writing calligraphy in school? Yes, but not the exam portion though.  With a number of coloured markers available nowadays as an alternative to pens, it is pretty easy for anyone to just pick up one to write without having to clean up all the messy ink. 

Another try at screen printing, but this time done with a transparency, and hence the screen can be re-used for different designs. 

Time for some sewing!  We made a face mask from scratch!

More sewing with felt.

Another embroidery workshop, but this time on paper.  All were samples done by the instructor, I only sewed the cover on the top right-hand corner.  Yes, Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favourite authors!

Here we did a carousel book, good as a display album.
And the most recent workshop - fritography.  We didn't do the firing ourselves, but we get to cut and pound the glass into bits. Quite fun, but the fine glass bits can cut easily too.

Monday, August 10, 2015

July ATC Session @Bishan Library

Moses was back in Singapore for a break and brought us through 3D drawing with simple lines.
Traded for one of Sor Huan's butterfly.
I have not been in the crafting mood for a while with much lesser time on hand.  Hope things will pick up pace soon!  

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jun ATC Session @Bishan Library

I first tried paper marbling when I was quite young as a student, during an art session in school.  Never forget the fun swizzling the colours on oil and dipping the paper on the surface.  This technique is not quite the same, but it also creates colour patterns on paper. We used baby oil and diluted food colourings.
Next ATC session will be 9 Jul (2nd Thu of the month).  We are working towards a collection of ATCs on the theme of books for an ATC exhibition in Bishan Library in Nov.
My first ones for the exhibition are Sherlock Holmes. The backgrounds done with oil and colours.  Swapped 2 for Judy's and Wee Yeh's ATCS.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

I'm Impressed with Kristine

Just want to show some of the stuff Kristine did since the start of this year. 
All the macarons done with polymer clay....

Another design.

Decorated her note books (at least no macaron on them),

and drawing in white on black papers. 

She couldn't stop making macarons and baked on her own.  After numerous attempts, these latest ones were the best so far. I better sign her up soon for a macaron baking class so that we can get to eat more decent ones!
A chocolate ice cream cake she baked with her sis for me. Appreciated their efforts but that's too much chocolate and sugar really. 

I returned from my trip to find more macarons!  This time painted ones. 

She is really madly in love with macarons! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 2015 ATC Session @Bishan Library

I explored and experimented with wiper cards and came up with some ATCs.

We tried them together during the May ATC session at Bishan Library.
And we completed the baggie swap.
We swapped 1 of the 2 ATCs we made, and I got this "Love is in the air" done by Valerie. 
All About Singapore ATCs I swapped with Jessica Chua and Judy Kwek.
The theme for Jun ATC session is "Books that inspire me".

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Appreciating Little Pieces of Works

Swaps are moving slow and recently taking a long time to arrive - 1 returned to sender (me) after 5 weeks and another took more than 2 months to come!  Still waiting for another 2, hope they will eventually arrive.

First the Chinese New Year ATC swap organised by MaryAnn. I can't thank the artists properly as I couldn't quite made out the hand-written names... MaryAnn, Janis Graham and ?
Then there was the Bowl of Hearts swap by the Surface Design group. The hearts as done by (top left going clockwise) Aynsley McKay, Carole Hanson, Cathy Vigor and Jan Lewis. Aynsley's heart was needle-felted by hand; Carole's heart coloured by transperse dyes; Cathy's heart was nuno felting and Jan's heart was coloured with numerous methods including Pebro Setacolors and acid reduction dyes.

Here's the jointed ATC doll from (left) Eileen Kiban (USA) and (right) Linda Edkins Wyatt (USA).  Linda's doll took 2 plus months to reach me, but definitely worth the wait. Isn't it amazing how big the doll can get and it still rotate back to the size of a ATC!

Still waiting for the replacement ATC doll from Linda after we thought the original one went astray. 

I did some spring tags and binded 4 in accordion fold to form a tag book. A set each went to Mel Dunkley (UK) and Nikki Smith (USA), who is also the host of this swap. I made good use of the CNY red packets! And I added butterflies cut from aluminum drink cans. They were sharp and kept curling up and I did get some small cuts on my hands.
Received this from Beckie. So different from my style, soothing earth tones with a good mix of sharper colours and a tight flow in and between the tags. 
Pam C's tag book is still somewhere out there, hope it  turn up soon. 

A little while ago, Holly asked about my tatted alphabets/words. Actually I started many years ago with wires. And I recently did a name in wire, so here it is, a gift for my ex-colleague.