Friday, April 18, 2014

More of Norwalk and Westport

Though I didn't really took a lot of photos of my USA trip last Oct, I still spent quite some time going through the photos and creating these collage photos.  Well, I shall continue from where I last stopped...

15 Oct 2013 (Tue), sunny,  11-16 deg C.
Decided to go to the Matthew Park, only to find out that the Lockwood Mathews Mansion opens from Wed to Sun, so I could only admire the external beauty of the mansion from the Victorian Era.
From there, I wandered on foot, walking down streets; vehicles on the road passing by me but hardly any one else on the pavements.  It was a fine day despite the cold wind.
I ended up in Connecticut Ave again and stopped for an afternoon snack and packed dinner back.  The spaghetti was nice but just too much a portion for me.  I had walked so much that my boots worn out and I had to buy a new pair at Payless!

16 Oct 2013 (Wed), overcast, 17 deg C.
Another hike, this time at Earthplace in Westport.  There were 5 trails in total.  The place was quiet and peaceful, so much so there was hardly a soul.  Yes, I hiked alone leisurely for a few good hours, enjoying the nature and snapping away with my camera!  Well, I did lose my way in the last trail and instead of getting back, I ended up on a road somewhere. Alright, I was lucky to at least walk out of the forest with the sky overcasted, and not lost myself inside, and to manage to stop a car to ask for directions!!  
Found my way back to Earthplace to explore the garden and museum exhibits.

Here, there were more of birds, specimens and live birds of prey (though each with some injuries).

Geraldine from Earthplace was such a great host that she even drove me around Westport for a little sightseeing and then all the way back to Connecticut Ave.  
I had a California omelette before heading back to the hotel.  Really enjoyed the dish.  We don't have such an interesting variety of ingredients in our omelettes here and I have to be content with just mushroom usually. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

March and April ATC Sessions in Bishan Library... Paper Traders ATC Swap

We had Rita to show us stamping techniques, namely masking and layering, for the March ATC session in Bishan Library.
I researched a little into stamping and found some other techniques to try on my ATCs.  I love adding a wee bit of embroidery particularly.
Traded for Rita's opened door and Helen Lim's Little Bear which she did during the March stamping session. I did the Rose one with making and layering. 

During April session, we tried line drawing - blind contour and continuous line drawing.  Most of us aren't too good with drawing, at least not me, but these are the occasions when I will try what I don't usually do on my own.  Well, we discovered an artist among us - our Librarian, Wei Lian!  She will be teaching us how to draw still life for next month session.
I did my ATCs with more stamping, this time using the back of clear stamps, and 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation images.  More embroidery too!
Swapped my ATCs for Mdm Au's quilled humming bird and Doris' drawing of Mdm Au!  I did a carousel horse drawing in continuous line.

Paper Traders had another ATC swap "My Wish For You".  I wish you will always be in good time and times! 

Received "Well of Happiness" by Ann Cameron, "Butterfly Muse" by Pam Colosimo, "Art Inspired by Nature" by Amanda, and "Time to Paint" by Nydia Dominguez.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

What Swaps Land in My Mail Box

ATC-ArtDolls Swaps - Dec 2013 Christmas dress, Jan 2014 New Year's Eve Party dress and Feb 2014 Valentine dress.

There seem to be lots of mishap in the mails for the swaps in this group (mails from Jessica Obryen and Laureta Linett are not arriving), Cindy Whiddon made up everything, she sent me all the 3 dresses and the Dec Santa/Reindeer doll too.

Laureta Linett attempted to sent yet another envelope, this 3rd envelope finally arrived!!! Oh, thank you, Laureta, for the so pretty Christmas and Valentine dresses, a most pain-takingly constructed mermaid for Feb doll swap and the just-too-cute handmade birthday card!
Most of the time, international mails take about 2 weeks to or fro any countries.  However, 1 mail I sent on 4 Feb to South Carolina, USA, was returned in my letterbox after 1 straight month, while another swap to Minnesota, USA sent on 6 Feb, also took 1 long month to reach.  Wonder if they were affected by the icy weather in USA in Feb!

Let's see my Valentine dress and mermaid that I sent to Cindy!
And another set for myself.
[artisttradingcards] "Chinese New Year swap - Year of the Horse", hosted by MaryAnn Arnold (USA).  I did 3 CNY Year of Horse red-packet style ATCs with 2 number of 50-cent colour-pencil rubbing paper coins enclosed in each. Almost the same idea as for my last year CNY swap.

Swap received, going clockwise from left: 1) From MaryAnn Arnold, (2) From Sam Jordan, (3) From Janes Graham, USA.

[Paper_Traders] My Secret Valentine greeting card swap.
I did my Valentine card with some tatted flowers and heart/words die-cuts.  I also enclosed a small tatted heart bookmark for Connie Holso (USA). 

 In return, I received this fine handmade card from Amanda Evans.  Amanda included some ephemera, ribbon and heart buttons too.

Beckie of Paper_Traders organised a Lucky You Altered Tag Swap in March, this is the first time I did a tag. The requirement was the use of stencil(s) to create an altered tag with a "Lucky" theme in size #5 manila tags (4-3/4" x 2-3/8").  I did mine with distress inks over hot glue gun stencils, top with some coloured glues and mica flakes. Mine went to Pam Prosser (Australia).

I received this Irish lucky tag from Pam Colosimo (Canada). She sent some ephemera (old book pages, stamped images, etc.) too.
Lisa Alff sent more Guatemalan worry dolls and more treasures!  I'm so excited to see the painted laces in person!!
In the mood for haiku, I composed this one of the evenings as I opened my letter (mail) box...

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Button Fairy, Worry Dolls and Workshops at the Libraries

Never mind Christmas was long over but Lisa Alff's button fairy will surely bring some smiles! Santa came with someone else. 

strangers to me
small but turn out precious
these worry dolls

The events our public libraries organised are sure getting more and more interesting - sketching, binding chapbooks, making a light box for photography, needle felting, doodling, haiku appreciation, leather craft, and making a clay leaf plate last year.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nov 2013 - Feb 2014 ATC Sessions in Bishan Library

Back to our ATC sessions in Bishan Library. I brought the group through zentangles in the Nov session and Wee Yeh conducted a brick block printing in the Dec session.

The theme for Nov was"Fantasy". I traded my butterfly fairy for Richard's mouse deer. 

We started the year with Rita showing us the folding of an origami angelfish during the Jan session.
In line with the fish theme, I used plastic strap to weave some fish for my ATCs.
Here's what I managed for the angelfish during the session, and the ATCs I swapped for with Mdm Au and Jessica. 

We had a mini-book making session this last Thu with Maureen, Jessica and Serena. 

Here are my attempts, covers embellished with tatted flowers and butterflies.
The theme for Feb was "love".  I added a straw-weaved heart to some quotes I like.
I love this quilled heart ATC by Mdm Au. A melody of flowers within the heart!

We'll be meeting again next month on 13 Mar (Thu), 6.30 pm.  Rita will be doing stamping technique with us - masking and layering. The theme for the ATC is "My Wish For You".