Sunday, January 31, 2016

Last School Holidays

I took some time to collage the photos.  After "resting" for a few months nursing my fractured foot, I'm back to "action". A little pity that we didn't manage to go for any tour during the last year-end school holidays, but we still had fun with other activities.

We had the opening of the National Gallery in Nov.  Of course we couldn't miss it, though the younger ones and older one weren't too keen after walking a few halls, and my boy was feeling sick.  A pity as I would have loved to spend more time inside and the opening carnival.
My children said I'm the only Mommy who will join them on their outings with class and school mates.  But well, when I joined them, I literally joined in and participated in whatever they do and not sitting around to keep watchful eyes.  Great to be out ...
...and in the indoor playground too!!  Though I must admit I couldn't catch up with any of them, and at some spots, I really needed to squeeze through! (The playground is opened to a adults too, even without accompanying children.) All the climbing, spiralling down slides, and bowling, I was arching all over for the rest of that week. Well, I'm all game to go again!

My girls hogged the mike!

Joined another outing of my girl with her CCA group.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 2016 ATC Session @Bishan Library

Our first ATC session of the year kick-started with origami folding for Chinese New Year.
Everyone is folding the God of Wealth, have you tried?  Here's a video
I did the top 3 ATCs, and traded for Pei Ling's "What Are You Looking At" and Selina's "Monkeys".
Our next ATC session will be on 11 Feb (Thu). The theme will be "Sweet Whispers".  I'm looking forward to weave patterned hearts in the session with everyone! 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

December ATC Session @Bishan Library

It's time of the year for Christmas deco.  So, here we were folding some nice origami trees in the December ATC session, they are good for ATCs, greeting cards, tags or simply as ornaments.
More origami for the next ATC session on 14 Jan 16, but this time we will be folding for Chinese New Year!  The theme for the ATCs is CNY - Year of The Monkey.   

Monday, November 23, 2015

ATC Exhibition. East Coast. Locked Room. Movies.

Finally the ATC exhibition is up! We put them up during the Nov ATC session.  The theme on books was not easy, but we did it!  The exhibition at Bishan Library will run till the Dec ATC session on 10 Dec 15.

My fractures on my right foot have healed although the muscles and everything else except the bones, are still sore and at times, painful to walk.  According to doctor, these healings come after the bones and will take some more time.  Guess that goes any December travel.  But having cooped up in the house for 2 months and with the children starting their school holidays, it's time for some activities, with the help of some oral medicine and anti-inflammatory creams.

I always cycle in Changi direction, this time we went the other way. The renovation works at Area A East Coast Park were completed and now links to Gardens By The Bay East after Area A. I cycled to Marina Barrage and back to Area C leisurely, while my girl and her friend skated. Very sunny day and I had to slop on so much sun block, but it was a great day.  Enjoyed the very beautiful garden and sea views.

Locked rooms are springing up everywhere in Singapore since they first started some 2 years back. Have you escaped from one yet?  We went to the Circus Of The Dead in Clarke Quay Central.  Took an extra 5 to 10 min on top of the given 1 hr to free ourselves from the room.

The lights were a bit too dim to work efficiently, though it did match the atmosphere.  The room was comfortable for a group of four, although they will take a maximum of eight. The time passed fast, whether or not you are watching the countdown clock. There were so many ups-an-downs. Well, we would have gone to a second room if the rates are cheaper. We ended up catching the movie "The 33".  Can you keep your sanity when buried deep underground for 69 days? There are certainly miracles. Just like how Philippe Petit walked on a tightrope 400m above ground between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in 1974.  Did you hold you breath watching "The Walk"?  I did. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

In a Creative Mood

My boy was busy with his prelim exams during Sep Teachers' Day celebrations, so he did these and gave his teachers only during graduation day (from Junior College). Baked the macarons with the help of his sister. How time flies, my boy is taking his A-level exams already, and going NS in another 3 months!
Kristine has been reluctant to tat because of sweaty palms, but here's her attempt almost totally on her own.

Here's my new tatted lucky clover design - simple and sweet. There is of course a bookmark version simply by extending the stem and adoing a tassel. 
I haven't been participating in many swaps, so only these few works to show. This abstract postcard came from Lee Kirk (USA).  Look felted but it's actually a fabric wipe.
Next is Paper Traders' "Over/Under" ATC swap, whereby we create a design by painting over a layer under it.  Mine were easily done once I get the idea going, by sponging distress ink on a cut-out word 福 over prints of 如意 stamped with a Chinese seal which I craved during one of the library workshops I attended.  I love the effect and the very oriental look! 
Received a poppies card from Debra Claxton (USA) and a pumpkin card from Beckie Holso (USA).

Sunday, October 25, 2015

September and October ATC Sessions @Bishan Library

I had a very bad fall earlier and ended up with 2 v-shaped fractures and a broken bone on my right foot plus abrasions all over, and couldn't attend the last 2 ATC sessions at Bishan Library. Rita conducted the Sep session, while Mdm Au helped with the Oct session.

We will be putting up the ATC exhibition at Bishan Library next month, and it will run from 13 Nov till 10 Dec 2015.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Some New and Older Works

Tatted a new ginko leaf, but does it looks like one?

The light bulb design looks cute, I tried to do 1 myself and thought some tatted flowers would add some interest.

I have problem drawing realistically and on the other end, doing abstract. These are some attempts on 4"x6" cards.
These 3 are done with alcohol ink marbling for the base colours, topped with spreading distress ink using baby wipe, accented with dimensional pearl paints and coloured glues. Titles: (From left to right) Junctions, Receiving, Want to Dance.

Another attempt.  Again, I used alcohol ink with water for a marbling effect as the base, added some fabric scraps, used coloured glue sticks and textured paste (DecoArt Paper Perfect).  Titles: (From left to right) Unveiling, Possibilities, Shimmering.

Although I am quite pleased with all these, I don't think they qualify to be called abstract art, do they?

Kristine did the polymer clay charms all on her own, including those for Teachers' Day presents. Baymax of Big Hero 6 is about 3 cm tall.

Found more of Kristine's drawings.

After so many failed attempts on her own ...
I decided to accompany her to a class, ...
and finally, some decent macarons baked by Kristine!  Italian method does work better than French method.