Monday, November 17, 2014

November ATC Session @ Bishan Library - Tunnel Cards and House ATCs

After the Tunnel Book Swap, I used the same concept to do ATCs. Sure add more texture to the usual flat cards.

We did more of these cards during the Nov ATC session in Bishan Library.  Even first-timer, Pearly, did a super good job on her "Beauty" card! 
Beside the regular rectangular-sized ATC, I hope to bring participants' attention to other interesting shapes that others are creating.  We did the tombstone-shape last month, this month we tried the house-shape.
Lovely house ATCs done by Cheo Hiang and Doris. 
We'll be folding Christmas origami in the December ATC session on 11 Dec. Bring along red and green papers to fold Santa Claus and Christmas trees!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Few Great Swaps

When was the last time I sewed a fabric postcard?  I think this should be it - only 2 designs and a total of 3 pieces so far.  This time, I did 6 with our Singapore merlion. The theme - "Colours of My Country", nothing more suitable for the theme than our national icon!  Quite pleased with the results. I used felt for the merlion and they were sewed together with sequins. And I just love to crochet these small hearts. They went to Lisa Alff (USA), Constance Peterson (USA), Hollie Poley (USA), Joanna McCreadie (UK) and Jeanette Sillonis (USA).
Postcards received from (top left going clockwise) Constance, Lisa, Hollie, Joanna, Vicky Christodoulou-Baker (Canada) and Jeanette. 

Remember the painted paper collage swap? Mine came in from Debra Claxton (USA)  with a lovely postage stamp people ATC too!
Paper Traders always has something new.  This time we swapped tunnel books.  They are fun!
"Something Wicked" received from Pam Colosimo (Canada). 
And mine for Pam C.
Did a second book to keep.
More tag swaps.  Soon there will be enough tags for a second book (my first tag book here)!  I did my tags with the tatted rose lino prints.  As this swap is for tag-on-tag, I tatted rose for the small tag to match the print. (I just couldn't stop tatting these sweet roses!)  They went to Pam Colosimo (Canada), Cathy Calamas (USA) and Barb Adams (USA).

Received these tags from Debra Claxton (USA), Barb A and Beckie Holso (USA).