Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Angels - Motif No. 14 Angel Paperclip

More angels!

This is the last in the series of paperclip designs for Georgia's Online Tatting Class. Hope this angel will watch over everyone in the new year! Click here for the pattern.

The dino is here! The trees in the background are real, this is not taken from a picture book, nor a super-imposed image.... more in the next post!

And to everyone,


Friday, December 25, 2009

At the Flyer, Lots of Angels and a Stamping Party

We went up the Singapore Flyer a 2nd time this Dec, this time to see Singapore at night. This 1st photo showed the next cabin to ours when we were at the highest point.
All the lights in the distant.
Back to crafts. It was my colleague, Eunice's last day on the eve of Christmas, I sewed up this felt cross for her.

Not enough time to tat up much Christmas gifts this year and only managed these. But there were lots of angels this Christmas -
Tatted angels
and a lot of wire angels
Only managed to tat up a few of these holly leaves:
I love the colours of the Flora threads used to tat up this name bookmark
(Teri Dusenbury's alphabets):
And more earrings and hairclips
Oh, last Sat, my girl and I went to Junior De Artist's Hero Art 2010 Debut Preview Party - Make and Take sessions. We spent an afternoon there and had a great time doing these cards, and of course, shopping for the new stamps!
Last but not least, a MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Christmas Card, A Lots of Fabric ATCs and What's A Pantomime?

I almost forgot about this photo of a Christmas card I did for a Christmas card-making contest organised by Junior De Artist. Actually, the emphasis was on using the die-cuts and rubber stamps sold in the shop, but I added a tatted tree.
The fabric ATCs which I swapped had all arrived. This is the first I swapped in Oct and received from Carol - very strong colours and all blended in neatly. Impressive, and I loved them; thank you, Carol! Next are the Nov Christmas ATC swap I received from Jenna. Very different style, more subtle colours, but in no lesser charm. Thank you, Jenna, and all the fabrics, buttons and fibres you sent!

Another one Christmas fabric ATC I traded with Peggy - real Christmasy looking in my favourite bright red and green. Thank you, Peggy!

I was in the mood to hand-stitch a few more felt ATCs, especially Christmas ones.

This pensive rabbit I sewed with Joey in mind, as she's a "rabbit" who is always lost in her own thoughts!

At last Thu ATC session at Bishan Library, Moses bought lots of rulers for us to try to create geometric art with them. What do you think of everyone's effort?

These I traded from (from top left going clockwise): Moses - Someone I Know (that's me with my tatting!), Rebecca - Paper-cutting "Faith", Pei Ling - Someone I Know (the kangeroo symbolising me and Kristine who I always bring with me to the trading session!) and Joey - She drew her favourite rabbit rushing off to her favourite fried rice!

Then on Sat, me and DH visited Gardenia factory in the morning. His first visit there and who's not impressed with the big bread cooler that can hold 8000 loaves of bread. But the talk by Dr KK Tan of Mycofarm was enriching, we had a better general knowledge of mushrooms and the exotic range of mushrooms grown by Mycofarm. First time I tried all those mushrooms raw!

In the evening, I brought my whole family to W!LD RICE latest production "Beauty & The Beast" in the evening. Since I discovered W!LD RICE Pantomime last year, I found myself looking forward to the next one the whole year through. To quote, the W!LD RICE Pantomime brings together all the elements of a great family entertainment – slapstick comedy, satire, political incorrectness, snazzy songs, toe-tapping dance routines, cross-dressing, fabulous costumes and spectacular sets, audience participation and a Good versus Evil story that is strong on romance and adventure. In short, they take a well-known fairy tale, give them some local twists and with some cross-dressing that bring much laughter and with lots of great original songs to delight the audiences, young and old alike.

Directed by Hossan Leong, BEAUTY & THE BEAST is a spellbinding musical comedy, filled with laugh-out-loud jokes, fabulous song and dance routines. The merchant was Big Boss Bong and his three daughters were Brandy, Desiree and of course, Beauty. At the Beast’s mansion, Beauty encountered the fussy nanny Ah Ma Chow Chow, the excitable cook Baba Pongteh, and the sarcastic maid, Vacula Contessa. And there was this exorcist, Master Kong Tao, who vowed to purge the mansion of its ‘unnatural’ elements!
(The Beast and Beauty in their wedding outfit during the autograph session)

In last year's Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, I felt that Sebastian Tan as the Queen stole the whole limelight and the twist in the story (the Outer Limit and landfill, the rubbish and the environmental message) was definitely more memorable. This year's Beauty & The Beast, the limelight was more evenly spread, but even my DH agreed RJ Rosales as The Beast was so dashing and charming (a little pity he had to hide his handsome face under the well-crafted beastly mask most of the night). The other characters: Karen Tan as Ah Ma Chao Chao was a real darling nanny, Chua Enlai as Desiree Bong and Darius Tan as Brandy Bong (Beauty’s sisters) definitely drew the most laughters! Not forgetting all the stunning costumes and sets and singing utensils from the sewing, food and cleaning departments!

For us, it was a must-see musical of the year! And I can't wait for the next one next Nov/Dec.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hand-stitiched Books, Motif No. 13 - Snowflake Paperclip and ATCs

Last Thu was the release of the PSLE results and the whole family went to the school together to root for my boy. His results - a score of 272 (highest score this year was 290), 4 A* and Distinction for Higher Chinese! We are so proud of you, Ivan!

Then on Sat, we attended Betsy's KBCC session to make these hand-stitched matchbook notebooks. Thank you Betsy for hosting the session, Moses for sharing with us how to make the books, and Suzanne for the home-made keuh patti!

Time really flies, we are less than a month from Christmas. Have you done all your Christmas tatting? I haven't :( But here's a quick pattern for you, a snowflake paperclip, available on Georgia's Online Tatting Class. This will be my Motif No. 13 for the 25 Motifs Challenge.

These 2 ATCs and a tatted butterfly paperclip went to Lynette for a Oct Fabric ATC swap,
while these 2 ATCs I sewed up and a tatted "Joy" paperclip went to Carol D for a Nov Christmas swap. Can't wait to receive mine!And the extras I stitched up. As at now, the blue X'mas ornament on the top right corner is still available for trade.

And to show you 2 more photos of the bazaar on 19 Nov.

Me arranging my stuff at my store.

My colleague, Sally, and myself.

A BIG Thank You to Sally for helping to man the stall throughout! I couldn't have managed without you!