Monday, March 26, 2012

Tatted Poppy ATCs for March

Jeannette Luttmer (Canada) likes flowers, trees and gardening and her favourite flower is poppy. So, I decided to tat a poppy for Jeannette's birthday ATC, and ended up running late trying to design one when I couldn't find any which I like. This tatted poppy may not look quite like the real flower especially when it's 2D, but I hope this unique ATC will further brighten up the special day for Jeannette, whose birthday falls on 1 Apr.

After I sent off the ATC to the birthday gal, I worked on a second piece for the month of March for The Linen Shelf's ATC Challenge.
Click on Feb ATCs to see all the Feb ATCs everyone has created.

I'm back to creating inchies and rinchies. Here's are the Easter sets embellished with tatted eggs, rabbits and flowers.
and rinchies with candy wrapper as the base.
I have done another set of inchies, but where have I misplaced them??? Hope I can find them soon enough to mail them out for swap.


BadPenny said...

Your March ATC is very very pretty and your other pieces lovely. Thank you for taking part the ATC monthly challenge.

Stitchety Grub said...

This is my first visit to your blog - I love your work - fantastic - have put you in my Favourites and I will definitely be back more :D
Britt in Australia :D

Margaret said...

Love your ATC and your little stitcheries, your work is so pretty! M

Margaret said...

Love your March ATC and your little sticheries, your work is so pretty! M

Christa said...

As always, I enjoyed looking at your postings too. Wondering about your little tatted Easter bunny. I found one looking like it on the website of a German tatter Ulla but I had to change the pattern. Instead of 9 stitches I had to do 12. I also did a split ring and then could continue with the head. Wondering what you did. You do beautiful work!!!

Singtatter said...

Thank you to everyone for all the sweet encouragement, sure spur me on!

Well, Christa, I tatted the bunny the beginner's way. C&T the body and then start the head. 2 more ends to get rid of, but I prefer this way to get a nice body ring. A cute little bunny!

Fox said...

Love that poppy.
Fox : )tyaryt

JennyPennyPoppy said...

I love my tatted birthday poppy!! Thank you so much for the lovely card and bits and bobs as well :)

Joanne said...

Would you be willing to share your poppy pattern with us?