Sunday, July 28, 2013

More Swaps Received and Some Little Things The Girls Did

More swaps came in, this time from the Inchies-Onexone group.

Jan 2013 Swaps
B. Valentine's inchies from Polly (2 on the left), Katherine W (2 on the right) and Debbie House's Be Mine (bottom).
C. 2 ATCs - Valentine ATCs - pink heart from Polly and Tink-a-tude from Debbie House.
G. 2 Minature Art Cards (1.5x 2.5) on the Oriental theme from Debbie House (left) and Polly (right).
Feb 2013 Swaps
A. 4 Black & White inchies from Cheryl Russ, Polly, KW, Debbie House.
B. 4 Zentangles inchies with hearts from Debbie House, Polly, Cheryl Russ, Katherine W.
E. 4 Foreign Stamp inchies - 2 from Polly, 2 from Debbie House.
H. 2 Twinchies with an inchies (Sewing theme) - Button from Cheryl Russ, Thimble & thread from Debbie House.
Mar 2013 swaps included 
B. 4 Purrfect Inchies (Cats, Kittens) - 2 from Debbie House, 2 from Polly.
G. 4 Analogous Twinchies Spring Time theme- 2 from Debbie House, 2 from Polly.
Apr 2013 swaps 
D. 4 inchies - Pastel watercolour background with butterfly theme- 2 from Katherine W, 1 each from Polly, and Debbie House.
F. 4 inchies Stamped and Embossed-2 from Debbie House, 2 from Polly.
H. 2 Moos (1 1/8" x 2 3/4") - Any theme: Japanese from Debbie House and Fashionable from Polly.
I. 2 Thrinchies - Any theme: Spring from Jaimie Sander, All Dressed Up from Rae Ann Ohlinger.
H. 4 ATCs - Any theme. Fashion (2 ATCs) from Polly, Birds from Debbie House, Butterflies from Rae Ann.

I'll end off this post with this recycled plastic bottle Joey did - a coin bank with a secret compartment for a little something!  Not her original idea though, but executed all by herself.

And a drawing Kristine did recently.  I think she can draw much, much better than me!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weekend Workshops. Great Swaps Received.

I had a great weekend last week, attending 2 workshops in our public libraries - a Seal Engraving Workshop on 13 Jul 13 (Sat) at the Queenstown Library, and a Chinese Painting Workshop on 14 Jul 14 (Sun) at the Bukit Merah Library.

We had a hand-on session to carve our own seal stone during the 2-hour workshop.  It was not that difficult to carve, yet just not easy either.  I have not seen such fanciful and colourful seal stones with carving on all faces which our instructor brought along!  Really an eye-opener and a good experience!  BTW, we didn't do that well on our own, we had had the instructor help to touch up all our carvings. 

The Chinese Painting Workshop was easier to handle, though I'm not used to painting without any sketch!  And just don't expect too much for 2 hours and in a big group like this.

DH bought an automatic mechanical Tissot Le Lode T41.1.183.33 watch for me 2 weeks ago when he was back.  I have not worn a watch for a number of years, it feels really heavy, or is it because of all the mechanism inside? 

The mails just came in, bringing the ATCs from the Intuitive Watercolour Technique swap hosted by Beckie Holso (USA). Going clockwise from top left are cards from Connie Holso, Letha Richardson, Beckie Holso and Pam Prosser. 

And the Gypsy Deco Book Swap, also hosted by Beckie. Beckie has done such a great job assembling the book.  Just the right purple for the background too, don't you think so?
Thanks gals and Beckie for 2 great swaps! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

ATC @ Bishan Library Jul 2013

With Moses away in Bandung, I took over the co-ordination of the ATC sessions in Bishan Library.  Hope our regulars and new-comers will give all the support to continue our monthly get-together!

For July, Mdm Au, our quilling guru, invited her friends, Victor, Souw Ngo, Catherine and Susan, to show us some recycling crafts with plastics.  After a lot of cutting and some struggling, it was so magical the moment the plastic drink bottles transformed into pretty containers.  And plastic carrier bags were similarly turned into awesome flowers!

It was a bit disappointing though that only a few managed to draw the ATCs using the intuitive watercolour technique.  I came up with 6 .... 

and another unfinished one which Pei Ling loves so much that she wanted it as it was - unfinished!

Here are the first bottle (1.5 l) I did at the library and a second one (500 ml) I did back at home.  Also in the photo are the intuitive watercolour ATC "One Lonely Fish" I traded with Melissa, and a tape transfer piece "Safari" I traded with Pei Ling.  

We'll take a break in Aug (due to public holidays) and meet again on 12 Sep (Thu), 6.30 pm.  Theme: Colour Wheel.  Have fun creating anything based on the colour wheel!