Monday, October 27, 2008

Raggedy Ann Done, Tatted Heart and Weaved Hearts

After a week of hand-stitching, Raggedy Ann is finally done (phew!) and Kristine is hugging her. For those who have done these fabric dolls, do you hand-stitch them or sew on the machine ?
I didn't get any tatting done this week, only blocked this heart coaster which I completed some time ago. This piece is one of the hardest to block without any template, and I just could not get a sharp tip and as nice a heart-shaped as the original pattern by Denise Giles in the book "Ultimate Book of Tatted Doilies". Anyway, this is what I managed:
Incidentally, Kristine keeps talking about weaving some hearts for her Shichida homework. Not sure if this is what she wants, but Joey is so excited to learn to weave these paper hearts. She is really fast to catch on and understand when it comes to doing handiworks, unlike doing her school work.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Terrapins, Drawings, Doll and Tatted Flowers & Butterflies

It had been a busy week - my office work is piling up, the children's revision for the final examinations, the new terrapins, changing maid, ...
Here are the terrapins my DH bought for the children, but they ended up my charge. There are actually 3, but the third one isn't well, so we have put it into another container separately.

Found some of my children's drawings. These 2 are drawn by Kristine, I think she can draw better than the other 2.

These are drawn by Joey, she thinks so, apparently they were drawn some time ago.

Found this piece of fabric in a shop. I remember these type of fabrics were pretty common when I was a child and my grandfather made me one too, but of course, the doll was long gone. I'm going to sew this up for my girls.

And these are what I tatted up this week. My children and I love Vicki's ones so much, I tatted more with Anchor size 5 pearl cotton threads, and experimented with 2 sizes of the magnetic beads. The flowers progressed from left to right as I tried different stitch counts. Now to split them with the girls.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

SummerTime Exchange and TIAS 4 Completed - A Lighthouse

After 12 instalments with a lot of block tatting and a lot of "forcing" through lock stitchs to join chains, I'm so happy & glad to complete the TIAS 4 - a lighthouse bookmark. This is a good one for TIAS, thanks Sherry! Do check out everyone's lighthouse in the TIAS Homepage.

I have an even happier cause for rejoice. My summertime exchange from Vicki is finally here, after 2.5 months! There is no clue what the box had gone through or where it had travelled to for the extra 2 months, but it finally arrived as good as it should be. Vicki has packed in such wonderful goodies! I loved the tatted green amulet bag best - Vicki's own design. Did you notice those small flowers beside it ? It is such a great idea - Vicki has used those magnetic beads for the centre and my girls are so excited and keep playing with them. All the threads are wonderful treats. And lots more! Thanks, Vicki!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TIAS 4 - Day 11

I have just completed the TIAS up to Day 11. Actually, I have been guessing the same thing since Day 9 - a lighthouse! The answer will be revealed real soon with the last instalment coming up anytime now!
I have been looking at Christmas motifs and managed to do a sketch of the Christmas pattern for the Secret Santa Exchange. Think the sketch should work, so next will be matching up the threads to start the tatting.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Motif No. 15/25 - Usha's Name Tag

This is the name tag which I have been working for months for an exchange with Usha, not that it took so long to tat, but I just couldn't get the design right and got so frustrated that I had to leave it for a few times before picking it up again. Am I glad it is finally done! Tatted with Flora 20 threads and measured about 9 cm by 6.5cm, this will be Motif No. 15/25.

And for the weekend, my boy and I had been working on putting up the charts for his Maths Masterclass presentation. These alphabets and number die-cuts are handy, but time-consuming to glue one by one and back-breaking!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

TIAS 4 - Day 6 to 9 and a Lucky Sequin Clover for Jasmine

I can't believe I actually made the same mistake twice for Day 6 - tatted an extra ds in 2 of the rings and discovered it only after closing the rings! But finally, I'm done up to Day 9.

Another colleague is quitting end of this week. I tatted up my Lucky Sequin Clover for her. Jasmine, wishing you all the best!