Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flowers Attract!

This is the 2nd set of fabric flower brooches I sewed for Catherine, now my ex-colleague:

And more I completed subsequently ...

Now, time for some crocheted flowers! Definitely more are starting to bloom.

[It has been really a long time I have not taken out my crochet hooks.
Luckily they dont' rust like felting needles!]

Well, all the flowers attracted this beautiful purple butterfly!

[Fabric ATC from Lisa in USA, swopped for my crocheted angel ATC. ]

I'm quite excited to be catching the theatre show, Animal Farm, this weekend with my children.
I have read the book in my secondary school days, and have since forgotten half the story, but who can forget the famous line -

“All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others."

A “Made in Singapore” production by the Singaporean theatre company, W!LD RICE (ok, that's my favourite theatre company) and directed by Ivan Heng (my favourite director!) , the animals are created not by fancy costumes but by the human body - innovative design combine with live and original music - well these are in the advertisement, I will judge for myself come this weekend!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

OWOH Win, More Tatted Entries, and New Fabric Flowers

First of all, I received these 2 prints from Vickie for winning her One World One Heart Giveaway in Feb. I don't think she mentioned how big these teapot prints are and I wasn't sure what to expect, perhaps postcard-sized ones, so imagine my surprise when they came in a 42 by 32 cm box! Cheerful and gorgeous colours, thank you, Vickie!

Here are the other entries for the Pameran Poskad exhibition mentioned in my earlier post. The 6th one is "Heart To Heart" - these 2 hearts are what I test-tatted for Martha Ess for her book "Tat's Amore" with a good collection of her tatted heart patterns. This pattern is not a very fanciful one, but has a very lacy feel to it, especially when tatted with finer threads.

Next is "My Sweet Heart", pattern by Pam Palmer in her Tatting Treats book. This is mounted on a 3-fold card, blank inside.

Nina Libin's butterfly bookmark, loaded with Czchekoslovakia glass beads and tatted with Olympus 40 thread. This has been one of my favourite beaded bookmark piece all the while. The piece can be detached from the card to be used as a bookmark. I made the flower girl too to go with the whole theme!

Another piece with tatted butterflies - "A Gathering of Butterflies" with Rozella F Linden's celtic butterfly tatted with Flora 20 threads and Adelheid Dangela's Elise butterfly tatted with Manuela 20 thread.

Last but not least, "Just Clips' - just my paper clip designs: the Jolly Sun, butterfly, lucky 4-leaf clover, and the newest goldfish and flower bloom, which will go into hopefully my planned paperclip design book.

Two more colleagues have resigned, this didn't help in our already heavy workload :( I only managed to squeeze whatever little time I have to sew these fabric flower brooches for Sallyna to use with her headscarves. My first attempt and feeling quite pleased with them. My tatted butterfly paperclip to go with them naturally!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Tatting Day!

Happy Tatting Day - it's 1st Apr here in Singapore now, and it's International Tatting Day! I'm not sure who started this or when, but it's sure better than celebrating the good-for-nothing April Fool's Day. Tatting uses a needle or shuttle to create lace which is a more delicate of work compared to crocheting. On this day, tatters around the world celebrate our hobby and introduce it to others. Often, we celebrate by eating chocolates and making tatted lace. Over at Ambitatterous, Isdihara is celebrating with a lovely giveaway. Want to learn tatting? Hop over to the TattingChic's blogoversary giveaway for a chance to win the book "Learn To Tat"!

Time flies! How true! 2 weeks has gone by in a flash. My office work sure gets busier by the day, but no, I haven't stopped tatting. In fact, I was tatting up quite a bit and doing them up for the up-and-coming Pameran Poskad 2010 to be held on 18 Apr -1 May 2010. There is no restriction on the medium, but my 10 pieces are all tatted laces - some tatted previously and some new ones, but all mounted on acid-free cardstocks with added embellishment for presentation. I'll show them over 2 posts.

This first piece is "Parrot Talk". I think this is one of the greatest parrot design, by Mary Parrott. My own design is a far cry from Mary's one. I tatted Mary's parrot pattern twice, one with size 10 threads, and this one with size 20 threads. Cool, right!

Next is this "Blooming In Spring" - a bookmark design by Jos van der Helm. Another one of my favourite floral designs.

Ha, owls are next in the line! "Listen To The Wisely" comprises 2 of my small owl design, and Dianna Stevens' horned owl bookmark design. HOOT!

I did 2 pieces in creative tatting, which I have not done for some time. Hope to tat more flowers for my girls' dresses and clips, but see how it goes later. Well, this is "Floral Scroll" - with embossed background done with QuiuKutz embossing dies.

And the last one for now - "Pretty In Red".

I had to miss KBCC's activity last Sat to rush these entries. Betsy taught the group to weave alphabets and patterns onto regular pens, the Friendship Pens. I didn't do these during my school days, but I did make some Friendship Bands in this form some years back. Managed to dig some up and gather them together for a shot. Not too bad, right?

Just realised I have not posted about these 2 fabric Easter ATCs I received from Ann Seidel of Germany. They are a great addition to my collection, thank you, Ann!