Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gemicans And Adventures!

March theme for our ATC session in Bishan Library was "Bling Bling".  I browsed through all the jewellery brochures I have kept and came up with a new "Bling Bling" race - the Gemicans.  I'm not sure if I should be admiring the paper dolls or the gems, but one thing I'm sure is there will be more Gemicans to come!
Traded 3 of them for the following.  From left to right - ATC from Moses (B/W Bling Bling), Vicki (Imagine) and Sor Huan (Do You Know Me?).
Umintsuru has earlier asked for suggestions on the arrangement of 2 dozen tatted roses. On the spur of the moment, I came up with the arrangement based on the Chinese word "乐", meaning happy.  You can see the actual arrangement on her blog ...
and a very sweet pair of tatted earrings came as a gift!  Thank you, Umintsuru!!

Last Sunday, my sister brought her boys to Forest Adventure at the Bedok Reservoir Park.  I joined her with my youngest girl.  The children went for the Kids Course, a 1-hour tree top course comprising 16 stages. I was gamed for the Grand Course, which has 34 obstacles including 4 zip lines over the Bedok Reservoir and a giant tarzan swing.  Not too difficult but it did take 2 whole hours to complete the actual course excluding the safety briefing. 

I'm game for more adventures!
Kristine working her way through ...

Last but not least, I wanted to show the birthday card my girl did for me.  I'm quite impressed with the construction of the card - there are 5 folds to the 12" x 12" paper, a tag on the front, a hinged disc and an ATC on the inside.  So sweet, Kristine! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

"Snakes" through 2013

MaryAnn Arnold organised a Chinese New Year - Year of the Snake swap.  I sent in 6.

All, except one below, were done in red packet style and a paper coin included in each of the red packet-ATC.  I love to think out of the box and create ATCs with a difference!
Received the swap back last week - from top left going clockwise: ATCs from MaryAnn, Belinda Shields, Jennifer Johnson, Marlone Ketterman, Anna Secrest and Cat Riley. Really hard to choose a favourite; thank you to all for a fun swap!  I'm already looking forwards to the next CNY swap!

For the Bowl of Hearts swap, 3 more fabric hearts came from Cathy Vigor (USA), Sonya Anderson (USA) and Jenny C Burns (UK).  Can't wait for the last one from Lorri to come to take a photo of all the hearts together!
I have not been doing art doll lately, just 1 to Maureen for the Jan swap.  He is Ravana, the 10-headed King from the epic Ramayana, cut from 3 postcards to make up for all the movable limbs. 

For our monthly ATC sessions in Bishan Library, we made some movable cards in the January session.  The object will move when the string is pulled.  However, it can only move in a straight line.  I did one (the left-most ATC with red background) using brad, so that it can move in a circular line. 

Traded another movable ATC with Rita (the blue and peach birds).  The quilled card 吉 is done by Mdm Au, "Love Songs" (the black birds) by M. Chong and the Valentine Day card on foam by a young Indian girl, Nachu.