Sunday, October 3, 2010

CD Dolls and B is for Bird

I started creating paper dolls this year. I usually spend quite a bit of time racking my brain to come up with a concept, and after that, to think of how to execute it. Along the way, I will need to think of modifications when things don't work out. The process has been getting easier after making 5 different paper dolls in the last 8 months, but I still take up to a week to come up with a satisfactory idea, and another week to actually work and finish the doll. So, every doll is painstakingly created and created with lots of love and thoughts, and naturally, immense satisfaction each brings!

For this latest pair of CD dolls, I started with these mini CD-Rom which I have kept for 10 years (not that I value the content, in fact, I never read them at all, but for the cute size). By chance, I found the doll heads, which were actually labels from bought pouches which my girls threw away. Next, I started thinking hard what to do for the limbs and on the CD-Rom surface. I knotted up all my thread ends from my tatting projects, and tatted simple ring flowers - not that simple after all because of all the knots hindering the closing of the rings, but I managed!! These went on the body. Using my QuicKutz dies for the glasses, skirt, palm, and boots, I finally assembled them! You guess it - the legs are movable, hinged by the brad in the middle of the CD-Rom. Oh, another proud creation!! One has gone postal to Sherry Collier in the USA.

The B's of the Alphabet ATC series are done - B is for Bird. The painted blue sky looked a bit plain after I stitched on the bird and word, but well, I tried a variation of the blanket stitch - the half-crossed blanket stitch - I do think it made the background stood out better. They are also on the way to Ann Seidel, Carolyn Mathis and Norma Mason.

Some tatting in between creating dolls and ATCs - names for my colleagues.

I'm excited to show this link to Sue's blog - she has tatted 70 of my hearts paperclips in a variety of threads for the ladies in a weekend retreat this month! Although the pattern is quick to tat up, it's still a lot to tat for a person. Kudos to Sue!


BSOTF said...

Your dolls are very elegant! I do love them. Cause you come up with some really awlsome ones. Your birds are delightful! Love how you are doing the alphabets, Both ways. Keep up the wonderful work. Good things worth doing does take time & alot of time to do it well. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Singtatter said...

Hi BSOTF, these paper dolls are very fun to conceptualise and make. I'm challenging myself with every one I make. Planning the next one now - skeleton!

Suztats said...

Hi Singtatter, your dolls are so creative! I love how you used the CDs! Your birds are so cute.

an encourager said...

I've never learned to tat, but yours is beautiful. Paper dolls are special!

Singtatter said...

Hello, an encorager, thanks for dropping by!

Singtatter said...

Thanks, Suz, making these paper dolls are really challenging for me, but I must say they are getting more fun to do!