Saturday, September 25, 2010

Paper Clip People - Read On!

As I swap more fabric ATCs, I still hardly find people embellishing their ATCs with tatted motifs. It is either people who tat don't dabble in ATCs, or they find it too time-consuming to use tatting on ATCs; or else, there are really not a lot of people who tat. Anyway, I find myself embellishing my ATCs with more tatting. It is really a nice platform to show off all the small tatted motifs.
This rose bud fragment pattern of Mary Konior is a favourite pattern among tatters - a timeless classic. It is so pretty whether it is tatted with a solid coloured or variegated coloured thread. Here I have used variegated pearl cotton threads in size 5. To further highlight the beauty and colours of the pearl cotton threads, I have set them on black felt, with further play with metallic threads and black sequins. One piece will be going to Trillian in Germany.

Chocolate is the theme for these doll ATCs. The background is cut from chocolate boxes(Chocolate Research Facility manufactured in Singapore), the dolls are dressed in Merci Petits chocolate wrappers, the brown hair and golden shoes cut from Ferrero Rocher wrappers, the red hair from Hershey's Special Dark, and so on. A set will be flying to Margie Diamante in the US.

Tatted birds, critter pattern of Martha Ess, all ready for the next alphabet ATCs.

2 more leaf ATCs received from Ann Seidel and Annette Jeavons from UK. Annette has machine embroidered the leaf onto soluble fabric. And still waiting for another 3 leaves to fly in.

Goodies that arrived - an August Goodie Bag from Satu in Finland. Lots of fabric swatch and some felt pieces, laces, ribbons, buttons and polymer clay faces she have made. And look at all the vegetable postage stamps on the envelope, real cute stamps! Thank you, Satu! Now, what can I do with the clay faces ?? Maybe some button fairies on fabric ATC.

I shall end off with this photo of paperclips Kristine arranged - it's a family of paperclip people :)


BSOTF said...

I Love the paper clip people! All the other stuff is lovely too. The chocolate girls are very delightful to see. Your roses look elegant on felt. The leaves are a treat to see as well. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

God's Kid said...

All your tatting is awesome and I love your color choices! :)

Maureen said...

Kristine's paper clip people are wonderfuL! As are all your trading cards, you are incredibly prolific with them.
You must have a big collection of them by now! And I love the tatted bud fragment cards, nice to see tatting represented.

Suztats said...

I love the flowers on felt and your tatted birds!

Singtatter said...

Hi BSOTF, thank you for always reading my blog and leaving such sweet comments :) I have been reading your blog too, but too bad your blog still didn't like me leaving comment, and still getting delivery status notification :(

Thanks, Sue! Well, believe it or not, I always consult my girls for the colours! A lot of times, I just couldn't decide myself.

Hello, Maureen! I started ATCs earlier last year, I have made about 300 plus, but swapped only about of third of it, and ended up keeping most of them. Just couldn't bear to part with them :(

Thank, Suz, I really enjoy the alphabet ATC series I'm making now with Martha's block tatted little critters!

Margarets designer cards said...

Your paperclip people look great, I found your blog via Pinterest, I love your ATCs wonderful work
I will be back again your tatting is lively