Monday, October 25, 2010

Dolls and Frakira's Gveaway

Couldn't quite decide what thread to use for the tatted cat, do the bigger ones (with size 10 thread) look like a tiger?

Paper dolls are another fun and addicitive thing to do besides ATCs, I almost couldn't stop myself making more of these skeletal dolls. They are going for a Halloween party in their sexy transluant outfits! And Yellow Petal (on the left) is going to Cindy Whiddon's in the USA.

The last 2nd leave ATC came in from Corlis, a painted one on black fabric. And an early R is for Ribbon Rose from Sharon Scothern in UK. Can't help noticing the black and white contrast of the 2 pieces when I put them together for photographing!

And a very lovely first dotee doll trade from Lisa Hunter (USA) - see her pretty wink and mischievous grin :)

Frakira in Czech Republic has an autumn giveaway earlier and I won it!!!

This is a small collection of Czechoslovakia stamps (above photo) I have all these years, and I love them. I initially thought Frakira is in Czechoslovakia, but not so. Here's a bit of history lesson

1918–1920: Republic of Czechoslovakia
1920–1938: Czechoslovak Republic
1938–1939: Czecho-Slovak Republic
1945–1960: Czechoslovak Republic
1960–1990: Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
April 1990: Czechoslovak Federative Republic (Czech version) and Czecho-Slovak Federative Republic (Slovak version).
The country subsequently became the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic

In gist, Czechoslovakia was a sovereign state in Central Europe which existed from October 1918, when it declared its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, until 1992 with the dissolution of Czechoslovakia on 31 Dec 1992. On 1 Jan 1993, Czechoslovakia peacefully split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Back to Frakira's giveaway that came. First and foremost is a big ball of Madame Tricote's Maxi thread - 100% mercerized cotton, 565 m, made in Turkey. Although it's a crochet thread around size 10 (Frakira mentioned she don't quite like the thread, but some czech tatters love it), I must say I adore the variegated autumn-looking colours. Although I don't tat much with size 10 previously, I find it a good size to use for tatting motifs on ATCs, especially the animal alphabet series I doing now.

A heart pendant, an Inox faux tortoiseshell shutte, a packet of faux perals in different sizes and shades. As I requested, Frakira also included a handful of Ceska Republika and Slovensko cancelled stamps (I have already placed them nicely in the stamp holder!!). And a most beautiful snowflake Frakira tatted with Jan Stawasz's design using a czech thread Snehurka. Well, Frakira, your tatting is beautiful :)


Bri's Bits said...

I like both the big and smaller cats, neither looks like a tiger to me, they are missing the furry mane. Congrats on the giveaway win, and as always, I love seeing all your ATC's, you have such interesting and lovely work :)


Anonymous said...

I just LOVE your ATC's. They are soooo beautiful. You're one clever lady. Cheers

❦TattingChic said...

Your ATC's are getting cuter by the minute!

That snowflake in that package is breathtaking! WOW!!!!

Ladytats said...

I like your cats, depending on the threads, they could be adult cats, or tigers. you do very nice tatting and your cards are very interesting.

Gina said...

The tiger looks very tame!

Lovely snowflake - it's one of my favorites but I've not tatted it yet.

Altho I'm not into doing ATC's. I enjoy seeing your creations. They are so clever!

Singtatter said...

Thanks, gals! These alphabet ATCs are cute, all thanks to Martha Ess's little critter designs. And I do enjoy thinking up and painting all the different backgrounds!

Sumire Craft すみれ手芸 said...

These cats are so lovely.

Singtatter said...

Thank you, Angeline! Hope to be able to meet up with you when you are in S'pore. Lovely beadings you do!

frakira said...

I like your cats and I am happy you like giveaway and stamps ;-) Now I am waiting for your "autumn" tatting ;-)

OrangeMama said...

Hi, loved your blog! How do I become your follower?