Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bonearina! Knowing B, C and D; and Treats from Brisbane

Introducing Bonearina!
She is the lovely creation of Cindy Whiddon in USA. The template was drawn by a friend of Cindy. Very neat, and pretty rose stamps on the dress.

The alphabet ATCs are coming in! On the left are B is for blue button/blue border and C is for Cat, both from Ann Seidel (Germany). The top right piece is B is for Braille from Norma Mason (USA) and bottom right is C is for Cat from Mari Strydorn (South Africa).

Still short of 1 A and 1 C cards, but the B cards are complete and here they are, including my own piece:
Now my completed D is for Dog! As per what I committed myself to, I painted the background calico with water-soluble crayons, hand cut the felt alphabets and embroidered the words with metallic thread. The dogs are, of course, tatted from Martha Ess' pattern. Can't wait to complete the alphabet series, but I have only done 5; still a long, long way. More goodies, this time from Maureen L in Australia. She asked for a small favour and in return, sent this very lovely selection of gifts to me! Her tatting is very neat and what sweet lacy bookmark she tatted especially for me! An angel tatting pattern booklet which I have been eyeing, and the Brisbane book makes me want to visit Brisbane again. Although I have been to Brisbane some 10 plus years ago (before I learn to tat), I didn't really go round much as it was only a transit stop. And, last but not least, all the stamps and frog chocolate are a real treat! I didn't really do that much to deserve so many gifts , but THANK YOU, Maureen!

And thank you, my partners for all the swaps!


Riet the B-engel from Holland said...

I realy love your blog and the ideas you have I think just like you that Martha has designed wonderful animals. Maybe if you ask her, she will help you with some more designs. Will be a new book.
succes with the cards hugs
Riet 5the B-engel

Maureen said...

A shame the frogs melted! - but I hope the children were able to enjoy them anyway.

Singtatter said...

Thanks, Riet! Yep, I might need to ask Martha for some help.

No problem, Maureen, we are still able to eat them, and we can also see the shape of the frogs or at least part of the frog :)

Urtica said...

Dog is the best!