Saturday, October 4, 2014

Printing, Book-Binding, Light-Up Brooch

It was fun to meet people with the same interest and doing things together during these workshops.  There are some regulars like myself whom I meet now and then.  And guess what, I actually found someone staying in the same block as me now and she turns out to be an old neighbour (I don't know her previously, though my parents do)!
I have not printed with leaves before.  I picked quite a number of leaves, but discovered fern is one of the most hardy and give interesting print compared to most others.
This was something new for us, incorporating a LED light bulb into our sewing. Remember electric circuit, + and - of a battery, closed circuit and stuff like this in your Science!?! Felt like I'm back in school! 
My third attempt at lino print.  I carved tatted rose stalks for this piece.  My carving skill still needs much improvement.  1 new element though - we did multi-colour printing rather than just mono black!

I signed up for this workshop thinking about fashion design in term of fabrics and clothes, but guess what, we did jewellery - earrings and bracelet!
Went for a 2nd round of the seal engraving workshop.  After the workshop last July, I have wanted to get my own knife and stones to try more on my own, but it didn't happened. Anyway, this time round, I did an auspicious phase rather than my name. 

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