Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oct ATC Session @Bishan Library

Time flew and another month has past. Oct is a month of year-end examinations here in Singapore. When it comes to exams, the pressure is not just on the children but the parents too. Only those who went through will understand. But whether this is unique to Singapore, I'm not too sure.  Anyway all the best to our students and parents!

It was a cosy monthly gathering for us for the Oct ATC session. We explored some ways to cut and transform photos and pictures, namely weaving and slice-and-stretch method.  These simple techniques can be used not only on your ATCs, but also in your journals and scrapbooks. Although simple techniques, yet lots of room for creativity.

I shared another ATC envelope template which I created, good for holding 2 ATCs. Decorate it and add ribbon make it a great holder to gift someone a pair of ATCs.

We finished the round robin swap. I got this set back.
The Halloween theme produced some of the most interesting cards, with some in tombstone-shaped rather than the usual ATC rectangle.
Swapped for the following ATCs and I managed to weave the b/w ghost card during the session, a pattern I adopted from a quilting pattern.
We will try another shape for Nov session - the house-shaped ATC!  So the theme will be "House"!


Maureen said...

Lots of lovely cards to enjoy in this post! I don't like Halloween at all, but your woven ghost is very effective. I noticed that Grace from intatters also attends the Bishan library, I wonder if you know her? Small world. Good luck to your students in their exams, I'm sure that their mother will cope brilliantly!

Singtatter said...

Hi Maureen, yes I know Grace, she came over my place some time back. She is always flying around!