Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Masterboard Tag, Round Robin ATCs, Dominoes

What is a masterboard? Not the ceiling board, I don't talk about work here.  Here are some links on the masterboard that I'm referring to: 
ten thirty-six art
Shellie Lewis

I also tried creating masterboards.  It's easier if you have a theme in mind. Both bases are done with marbling and stamping basically, plus a bit of gesso, pearl powder and mist ink.
From the big piece, we cut it down to a postcard and tag.  I did my master board as big as my initial watercolour paper is, without cutting,  and managed to get 2 postcards, 2 tags and 2 ATCs. The top set was sent to Pam Prosser (Australia) and the bottom set to Mel Dunkley (UK).
Another set of my own tags.
The swaps came in from Barb and Debra.
Paper Traders had a round Robin swap which started in July. First time I joined an international round robin swap, and oh my, so many mails and photos everyone were posting. It was a bit of confusion and some lost sets in the mail.  I received my completed set relatively fast though.
These are the other ATCs that were in the round-robin which I added my bit (the sets with pink border).

Remember the domino book swap? I was hunting high and low for the domino tiles then. Since I got a box of them, I'm ready to do more altered dominoes. I used marbling inks for the background this time and embellished with a tatted rose in size 80 threads. DH hand-carried a new hand drill and clamp back from China for me to play with, and I managed to drill some holes on my own.  I remembered the last time I drilled anything was in my secondary school days during Technical class when we used big drilling machine to drill holes in metal pieces.  How I missed those days!  
Hollie sent me 2 tiles - one for summer and one for winter.  Hollie says lighthouse is for summer, with long walks on the beach playing in the sand and looking for shells.  Thank you, Hollie!

More Halloween swaps!  More tombstone ATCs! 
These were sent to the host, Nikki Smith, in USA.
Swap returned with cards from Cathy Calamas, Jo Murray, Ann Cameron and Nikki herself.

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