Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Collage Works, Some New Swaps and Old

Postage stamps passport book swap - thanks to Nancy Slaby for organising this swap!  From loose pages we sent her, she bound them into a passport book with blank note pages in-between, complete with cover and a fabric passport holder.  How I wish I have actually travelled to all these countries, but never mind, it is still a sort of thrill to hold and see all the amazing collaged works.

Another Paper Traders swap - paper painted collage done in 5" x 7" size.  Here's one famous artist doing this artworks - Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson.  I did mine  from a photo of Vanda Miss Joaquim - our national flower.  How's my 1st attempt?  The 1st piece went to Pam Prosser in Australia.  Before I started on the collage, I did the lino cut and print based on the same photo, so I mounted the print on the back of the collage work!
The last swap over at ATC-ArtDolls group was in Apr 2014.  We had another dress swap - Flower, a Flower Fashion Paper Doll swap and another April fairy.  But more mishap in the mails :( 

My April fairy went to Lynette McNamara (New Zealand), but I never heard from a "Elaine" for my April fairy. Cindy sent all 3 to me, but they went MIA. And a shocking news came ... Cindy passed away late July. 

I'm one of the last person to swap with Cindy in Apr, but she wasn't as active since, though she didn't drop us any hint of trouble with her health then. I'm not sure if she received my Apr flower dress and fairy doll, though hers didn't arrived here unfortunately. Although we were not direct partners for a number of the swaps as most of the times, I sent to Cindy while someone else sent to me, there were a few direct exchanges between us. Cindy's junk mail paper doll done in Jul 2010 has been one of my favourites.  We will miss you, Cindy.

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