Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Festivals, Movie Preview and Teachers' Day

I don't go out often in the night, but you will have to go in the night for these 2 events in order to see the lights, and lots of them!
First time I decided to catch the Night Festival, but it was a bit too crowded.  Never see so many people in our museums before! 
Had 2 servings of the famous Taiwanese 臭豆腐 "smelly tofu" at the Food Street set up in the Gardens By The Bay for the Mid-Autumn (Lantern) Festival, though not everyone appreciates the dish. My father has to keep a distance from the stall and from me when I was eating!  But couldn't help noticing the queue was the longest at this stall and moving reasonably fast too.

More lanterns - Joey and classmates built this lantern with recycled materials for this year competition.
And this was done last year with 2 classmates, which won 2nd place in the Radin Mas Primary School competition.
Yesterday was Golden Village Movie Club 7th Birthday bash with preview screening of "The Maze Runner" at GV Grand. A very exciting show, just the type my boy loves to watch, and I had to grasp his arm in a number of the scenes. Since this is based on the 1st book of the young-adult post-apicalytic science fiction trilogy of the same name by James Dashner, one can expect sequels? 
We worked hard last week for the annual Teachers' Day presents. Now that the children are older, they could manage better on their own, especially my boy, he baked his own cupcakes.

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Maureen said...

Wonderful pictures! It's always good to have a big strong son to hide behind in a scary movie : )