Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wabi Sabi? Domino Books and Rainbow Loom

First time I joined Paper Traders Speed Round ATC Swap  (#4 Wabi Sabi/Jun 2014), mine were done with weaved tea-stained background, white tatted flower and fabric scrap.  What is wabi sabi?  This is what I understand - nothing is permanent, nothing is perfect, accept imperfections and finding beauty in imperfection.
Wabi sabi ATCs received from Jo Murray(Australia) [left] and Beckie Holso (USA) [right].

I never know how to play dominos, and it never is popular in Singapore, I had a real hard time trying to find standard domino tiles.  Guess Toys"R"Us is the only place here that sells them.  I'm not learning the game still, so why am I searching high and low for them?
Before this, I didn't know people altered these tiles into books among other uses.  I cramped 7 haikus (of which I composed 5) to accompany each and every of the cancelled postage stamps. This went to Connie Holso in USA.

Did another similar book for myself.

My swap came in from Donna Authenreith (USA). 
Donna also did a mini-domino pendant for me.  I was wearing it right after receiving it!  Thanks,  Donna!!!

And since I am composing haikus these past months and planning to compile them into a chapbook, I put the 5 haikus into ATCs.

My girl got a rainbow loom for her birthday earlier, but I think those rubber bands bracelets are too childish even for her age, until I saw the owl she made.  That caught my attention. I borrowed her loom and made 1 for myself too!


Maureen said...

The domino books are intriguing, but I really love the owl! - even my grandsons love those looms, I wonder when the craze will pass? Is the owl pattern available online? - I must show it to a 10-year-old who will make one for me!

Singtatter said...

Hi Maureen,

My girl shows me the you tube video -
Owl Charm / Mini Figurine Rainbow Loom Tutorial:

There are so many different patterns on you tube!

Maureen said...

Thank you!

Sally Kerson said...

Those are adorable crocheted birds, well I am guessing they are crocheted. Ah loom bands are everywhere, pity I have no grandchildren so that I could play with them! The owl is great