Monday, August 18, 2014

August ATC Session @ Bishan Library - Papercutting

I explored another craft with our participants in Aug ATC session - papercutting.  Although I have done some papercutting on my own previously, I have never really read up on it.  This time, I read a few books and did more online research, and shared the history and characteristics of papercuttings from different cultures and more importantly, tips on papercutting.
Some time back, we did round robin ATCs during 1 of our sessions, we are doing it again but this time, 7 of us are doing them for swap and for 3 consecutive months. The 1st month (Round 1) is completed - all different and a number of interesting backgrounds! 

Here are my new papercutting ATCs. 

The theme for our ATCs was "Red & White". Couldn't resist doing the merlion. I crocheted a small little red heart and placed it on the white merlion done by layering paper.  And guess what, the background was done with food colouring!
I tried to drop the colours on this particular paper, but it didn't absorb fast enough, and my girl played with it behind my back (more like messed with it). Ruined for a background as I originally intended it for, but amazingly, I just saw it as another intuitive drawing as the colours dried!

Swapped for some fantastic cards - Country Side by Doris, Potted Plant by Maureen, Red & White At the Beach by Cheo Hiang, and Red & White Kit Kat by Selina. 

The theme for Sep session is "Autumn".

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Maureen said...

The Merlion is lovely, but my favourite is the Owl! I wonder why owls are suddenly everywhere? - my granddaughter has about half a dozen in various forms.I bought Ineke's Kuiperij's new book for the owl on the cover