Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Library Workshops - Duct Tape, Batik Art, Lino Print and More

There were again a number of interesting workshops at the libraries, so I was literally running around different places on my weekends. Great that most of our public libraries are relatively near the MRT stations. 
My girls are usually too busy with their school work and CCA to join me, but they managed to come along for this duct tape workshop since they just finished their mid-year exams in May.

I don't know how I managed to piece together this collaged parrot  within the 2-hour workshop, but I know I was one of the last to finish! 

Wondered why I decided to do the roses at that moment, should have worked on my favourite bird - the owl.  Someone in the workshop did an impressive one, and we couldn't resist taking a shot of it!

I was thinking of making this into a cover for all the haikus I have composed so far.  Will need to touch it up and arrange my haikus into a chap book.  Another project to work on! 

My children have all done this in school.  I only did it once last year at a school function, but without any introduction or instruction.  I can now appreciate this batik art better.

I always think I'm lousy in drawing.  It was an eye-opener to see Mr Han drawing so effortlessly all the illustrations.

Yet another workshop on leather craft.  We didn't need to sew for this one, so it was quite easy. My alignment was slightly out though, but hey, this is what handmade means!

Another lino printing workshop, but this workshop was longer and the lino was larger.  It was more organised than the previous one, and perhaps also because this was my second attempt, my lino print turned out much better.

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Maureen said...

So many different crafts to try! - but I think you must have a gift for this sort of activity, I know that I could never produce such lovely work, even if I sent a whole day on it!
That's why I always enjoy seeing what you have been doing.