Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wrapping Up New York Trip

24 Oct 2013 (Thu), sunny-partly cloudy, 4-11 deg C.
The temperature had dropped again.  I had initially wanted to travel as far as I can to Brooklyn, but decided not to and I just alighted at Prospect Park.  Walked around a little and went into a little cafe for a muffin and a hot tea.
I didn't shop much the whole trip and only bought souvenirs (name tags, key chains and such), so I went around some shops along Sixth Avenue to buy a little beads and trimmings for myself. 

Time sure passed very fast when one go shopping. Joined DH for dinner in Columbus University.

25 Oct 2013 (Fri), sunny, 5-12 deg C.

Today was our last day here.  I went out to Times Square to buy a bit more gifts, and walked around while waiting for DH to finish the last part of his course.  

It was sure congested in the evening on the road and it took much longer than we expected getting a cab willing to drive to the international airport. Lucky we didn't miss the plane!  Long flight back to Singapore, but I swapped seat with hubby after the transit at Frankfurt and enjoyed the rest of the flight on Business class.  Loved the cheese platter, but I still couldn't sleep despite the ample space to lie down, and ended up watching 5 movies on the flight back, making a total of 10 movies including the flight to New York!  

It was sure a lot of unforgettable first experiences and encounters in this 16-day trip.  Fond memories too of the people I have met.  My heartful thanks to all for their little gestures and little helps I received everyday I explored this big and diverse land!


Maureen said...

What fun those bead shops must have been! - too tempting. Lucky you, to have been able to swap seats and enjoy Business Class all the way home!

Singtatter said...

Well, Maureen, they do have much more stocks than what we have in Singapore, but I have learnt to restrain myself and not buy everything! So, I really didn't buy much!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Amazing photos! I'm so impressed that you found all those amazing bead and trimmings shops and that you explored so many areas on your own! Loved the cute M&Ms! Wonderful photos and a great trip! I can understand why you didn't get any sleep on the flight!