Saturday, May 3, 2014

Little Things The Children Did And Little Things I Did

Nowadays, the children are real busy with their school works, CCA and whatnot, they are hardly doing any crafts.  But they did hide themselves and locked the bedroom doors for a day to do up something for me for my birthday earlier this year.
Kristine borrowed my maths compass set and drew a cute set of ATCs, while Joey did a card with numerous windows and pockets hidden with little notes.

From time to time, they will do some little things, like this little rabbit sewed up by Joey. 
Ivan also managed to sew up a little gal with a little help/guidance here and there.

These, I tatted for Joey, for her to pack into little gift boxes for her table tennis team seniors - the club's tradition to give small gifts for the graduating seniors!

I made little something for myself too - fabric flowers for my hats.

Suddenly, I feel like I would do with a fabric tissue pouch but not a usual one which I did before, so I made up one with 2 additional pockets. I used my sewing machine which I have not touched for a long time.  I'm so lousy with it that I even have problem sewing a straight line and became multiple lines! 


Maureen said...

I've so enjoyed seeing all these lovely things - wonderful gifts your children have made!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I am so impressed with these sweet and wonderful gifts! Truly a tribute to your influence and training. They are so well done! I also neglected to comment on your posts about Connecticut! Wonderful stories and excellent photos! I'm so glad you made it out of the woods okay! Once DH and I got lost along the wooded seashore on Lake Erie, but we at least were together and knew we weren't too far from the road. We just didn't quite remember which way to get to the car! Happily we chose the right way! I would not have been as brave as you to go hiking alone!
You also do so much crafting, it is astonishing. And your
machine sewing looks fine to