Sunday, May 11, 2014

May ATC Session and More Library Workshops

We did still life drawing for May ATC session at Bishan Library, thanks to Wei Lian, our librarian!
My Selfie ATCs which I did for an earlier swap but they came back to me instead, after a month out there, without reaching the destination.
I swapped them for these selfies from (going clockwise from top left) Mdm Au, Helen Wong, Jessica Chua, Selina Yeoh. Mother's Day ATC from Victor and Doris.  Theme for Jun ATC session will be "Holidays".

More workshops I attended in the libraries.  Had the chance to attend a 2nd round of the leather craft and this time, I went prepared to make a leather pouch for my shuttles, hook, needle and scissors.

Spent yesterday cycling with Kristine at East Coast Park up to Changi Beach Park.  Kristine is pretty confident now!
And it was a real fine day yesterday - blue sky with cool clouds.  I had to slap on generous amount of sun block. 


Sally Kerson said...

Wow you have been so busy. Not only that so fit with all that cycling! Sun block, not needed here!
Love the Selfies!

Maureen said...

What a shame the Selfie cards didn't reach their destination - after all your hard work!
I remember those bike paths from one of your last posts about them, it looks as though you had a glorious day.

Singtatter said...

Hi Sally, actually I'm not that fit and I don't exercise often but I'm game to try everything. However, I do love to cycle. To be safe, as long as I'm outdoor and exposed for more than half an hour, just apply sunblock!

Singtatter said...

Hi Maureen, although we have a few Park Connector loops, the Eastern Coastal loop is the longest and with more bicycle rental kiosks. I have yet to cycle the whole loop but hope to achieve it soon.

For the selfies, it was really a pity to miss the intended swap but at least I got them back and they are not lost somewhere out there. So happy I managed to swap them for others' selfies eventually in our local ATC session!