Friday, April 18, 2014

More of Norwalk and Westport

Though I didn't really took a lot of photos of my USA trip last Oct, I still spent quite some time going through the photos and creating these collage photos.  Well, I shall continue from where I last stopped...

15 Oct 2013 (Tue), sunny,  11-16 deg C.
Decided to go to the Matthew Park, only to find out that the Lockwood Mathews Mansion opens from Wed to Sun, so I could only admire the external beauty of the mansion from the Victorian Era.
From there, I wandered on foot, walking down streets; vehicles on the road passing by me but hardly any one else on the pavements.  It was a fine day despite the cold wind.
I ended up in Connecticut Ave again and stopped for an afternoon snack and packed dinner back.  The spaghetti was nice but just too much a portion for me.  I had walked so much that my boots worn out and I had to buy a new pair at Payless!

16 Oct 2013 (Wed), overcast, 17 deg C.
Another hike, this time at Earthplace in Westport.  There were 5 trails in total.  The place was quiet and peaceful, so much so there was hardly a soul.  Yes, I hiked alone leisurely for a few good hours, enjoying the nature and snapping away with my camera!  Well, I did lose my way in the last trail and instead of getting back, I ended up on a road somewhere. Alright, I was lucky to at least walk out of the forest with the sky overcasted, and not lost myself inside, and to manage to stop a car to ask for directions!!  
Found my way back to Earthplace to explore the garden and museum exhibits.

Here, there were more of birds, specimens and live birds of prey (though each with some injuries).

Geraldine from Earthplace was such a great host that she even drove me around Westport for a little sightseeing and then all the way back to Connecticut Ave.  
I had a California omelette before heading back to the hotel.  Really enjoyed the dish.  We don't have such an interesting variety of ingredients in our omelettes here and I have to be content with just mushroom usually. 

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