Sunday, September 12, 2010

ATC Session and Fried Rice Paradise

Collage is something which I hardly do. That was the main reason why I signed up for this swap - to make myself try it. I didn't know what I want to do and spent quite a lot of time trying to find bits and pieces to put together, and finally, I managed to fix these up. This is the first time I made the dolls sliding - they slide left and right! These pair of ATC dolls went to Gayle Clancy in USA.

Well, after the first try, I feel I can handle collage better now, so I spent another few days going through the scrap pieces of junk mails, brochures, etc. and finally made up another pair of collage dolls. I see an improvement!

This month ATC session at Bishan Library, Moses showed us how to construct a 3d-looking book and box from a piece of paper. Everyone love the idea, and with Sandy's contribution of some scrapbooking papers and embellishments from KCK, everyone came up with such great ATCs within 20 min or so.

Here's mine.
my girl, Joey's (11 years old),
and Kristine's (8 years old).
The theme for this month was Birds of a Feather, so I sewed up some birds in felt, and glued on some junk mail flyers for the background.

These are the paper ATCs I received: Joey's 3D collage piece named "Fabric" (the inside of the folded card is below), Joey's pencil sketch of her toys, Kristine's Evil House in colour pencils and Moses' pen and ink bird "Immovable" - according to Moses in his blog "That look of determination silently screams: I ain't moving. "

For the leaf ATC swap, these are the first 2 pieces I received: Lisa Ahmad's Leaf on the top and Carol Jamieson's Autumn Leaf (hand-painted leaf with machine embroidery) at the bottom.

This afternoon, I brought my boy to the musical, Fried Rice Paradise, written by Dick Lee with a brand new story centring around a girl named Bee Lian, who lived in a shophouse at Jalan Calamansi, located next to a community centre, and had great plans to transform her father’s noodle coffeeshop and attract more customers by selling her mother’s famous fried rice recipe, going on a soul searching journey with her good friends Johan, Girly Danker, and Devi.
Specially produced in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the People’s Association, and with elements of early Singapore nostalgia (1979 to be exact), racial harmony, friendship, neighbourliness, romance, and thrilling drama with several twists, Fried Rice Paradise delivered its promises to be a true blue Singaporean musical that connected emotionally with the audience. With a cast that included the first Singapore Idol - Taufik Batisah, Sebastian Tan ("The Queen" in W!LD RICE's pantomime Snow White) and many more, the 2-and-half hours passed magically fast. I just love musicals! (Speaking of musicals, have you bought the tickets for musical pantomime, CINDEREL-LAH! , a W!LD RICE 10th Anniversary production ? I have!!!) What's more, we had SM Goh Chok Tong with us in the audience - that's the 2nd time I watched the same performance with our Senior Minister, the 1st time was Tsai Chin 2009 The New Endless Love” tour!


BSOTF said...

Your cards are very lovely! They don't have such things here, which is why I think it's so neat that your girls & you get to do it. The musical sounds wonderful that your son wanted to go see. I watch your blog. I comment when I have time, cause I think it's so wonderful to know I'm not alone on arts being great for kids to enjoy!

singtatter said...

Hi BSOTF, yes, it's so great we get to meet once a month to do something. Nowadays, we have more and more parents bringing their children along.

BTW, I don't know why I can't leave any comment on your blog, Í always get the message "Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:".

Sandy Ang said...

Such fun ATCs ! Hope you and your children enjoy playing with KCK papers and embellishments.

Momo said...

As always, a very interesting post. Your collage ATCs look great.

I also manage to trade for another of Joey's similar Fabric ATC. Such a cool pop-up! I like it so much.

BSOTF said...

I'm glad that you let me know of this problem. Cause I don't get it. I didn't do anything to cause it. Maybe the blogs are acting up again. Which wouldn't surprise me any. I'll keep any eye on it. But that is the right way to contact me. I'm sorry that it's stopping you from posting comments on my blog. I like to hear from you.

BSOTF said...

I just noticed what the problem is,you have bsotfbostf
put this instead cause that will work. I double checked what you had put down. Thankyou for lettng me know that you was having trouble.

Singtatter said...

Thanks, Sandy, Moses! You got the 3D fabric from Joey? I love it, she has initally made a bigger piece with the food theme.

Hi BSOTF, I didn't put in bsotfbostf or when I go to your blog to comment. I just typed the comment and keyed in the wrd verification, and clicked the "Publish Your Comment" button. Just that I will always get the Delivery Status Notification (Failure) message in my email after that. I don't understand how this comes about :(