Saturday, September 18, 2010

A is For Alligators!

Remember the alligators I tatted from Martha's latest critter book? Here's how I used them - for a new Alphabet series of fabric ATCs. This is A, and I'm so pleased with them! I'm planning to tat animals as far as I can for all the alphabets, with the word sewn on hand-cut felt alphabets, and painted calico for the background.

And I'm back to tatting names for colleagues who are quitting.

Now to show what the post brought in this week - exciting lots! First of all, these are the collage doll ATCs from Joyce Cumiskey. These are her first doll ATCs. Truly a lot of stuff formed the dresses!

More leaves were blown in by the breeze (borrowing Annette's words) after the initial two!
Going from top left in clockwise direction: 1) A crayon and watercolour leaf from Aynsley McKay, 2) a very colourful quilted piece from Kimberly Young, 3) a lace and metal charm piece from Hetty van Boven and 4) from Debbi Baker. Debbi described her work in detail: woven cloth as the background, painted with diluted acrylics, Adirondack Color Washes and Glitz Spritz for some sparkle. A leaf was stamped on the background in black ink though not very visible. The main leaf was cut from a sheet of painted and sprayed lutradur. Debbi used a woodburning tool to melt the edges and score lines and holes in the leaf, and with some extra gold paint for more zing. Really an interesting collection of leaves, so many different techniques!

I have also received another leaf from Ann Seidel, but I will show it in the next post, hopefully with the rest of the leaves I'm expecting.

These are the "A"s I received - from Ann Seidel "A is for apple" and Carolyn "A is for acorn".

And finally, a rose piece from Winsome Evans.


Fox said...

LOVE those alligators! They are terrific!
Fox : )

BSOTF said...

It's all amazing! I do really enjoying looking at all the things that you & your friends come up with. Thanks for sharing with everyone! Have a wonderful craft day!

Sunela said...

What a cool idea on the Fabric alphabets! Can't wait to see all the animals you are going to tat. Good Luck.

umintsuru said...

The aligator ATCs are just wonderful. Very creative!

Momo said...

I love those alligators too. I am sure they will be snapped up quickly!

Debbi Baker said...

I just had to say that I love your ATCs - your tatting is superb and I am very lucky to now own a beautiful tatted leaf ATC. Beautiful blog too by the way!

Singtatter said...

Thanks, Fox, Sunela, Umi, Moses! Martha's little critter patterns are just great, and perfect size for ATCs.

Hi BSOTF, yes, it's always to see what everyone comes up with, I learnt a lot swapping from everyone.

Hello, Debbi, great to have swapped with you, I'm sure we'll have more chances in the future!