Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Tatting, KBCC #21 and An Evening of Opera

This is the latest name I tatted for my colleague. I love this sweet pink variegated Gutermann Sulky Cotton 30 thread best.

Here are more tatted ATCs. Actually, they are tatted motifs glued onto fabric. A 5th one is not in the photo as it was already traded.

More of my tatted owls, aren't they cute?

Yesterday KBCC was an exciting one, at least to me - sewing a fabric tissue pack holder. I don't sew much and definitely not on the machine, so I can only hand-sewed everything. Quite stressful, especially as I was rushing against time to finish it to make my way to the opera in the evening. Anyway, after working non-stop with the needle for more than 2 hours, most of us finished it. And Betsy bought a most delicious birthday cake for all the Feb babies too! Thanks, Betsy! And thank you Suzanne for her instructions too!

Can you guess which is mine?
Well, this is the piece I sewed. The tatted lace behind the buttons is a scrap piece I received from Faizon earlier when she offered to give them away. It fitted in nicely.

And to the next segment of the day: La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini in the Esplanade Theatre, an opera sung in four acts, directed by Andrew Sinclair, set in Paris in the 1930s, when France had lurched from one chaotic government to another in a short time and life was unstable economically as it was politically. Despite these, Paris remained a melting pot for artists and writers and their hopes and ideals. People were determined to enjoy themselves and the cafes, theatres and restaurants were full to overflowing. Beneath this superficial gaiety, life was different.

The two lead characters, Rodolfo [Simon Kyung Lee, tenor (US/South Korea)] and Mimi [Nancy Yuen, soprano (Singapore)] met and fell in love during the winter, separated in spring and reconciled in summer before she passed away from illness. Rodolfo and Mimi are very much human and simple people; they love, they work and they fight like most of us do. Although the opera was sung in Italian, and it took a little while to get used to reading the subtitles at the sides of the stage and re-focus quickly on the stage, it was still very much an enjoyable night watching and listening to the singing and music filled with emotion and passion, and I was fighting my tears all the way through Act IV, sob..sob... Ok, Mimi died, but she united all the characters at the end.

I will wrap up this post showing you this Workbasket magezine I won and received from the LadyShuttleMaker's latest giveaway. This is my first Workbasket magezine. Thank you, LadyShuttleMaker, I enjoy reading every little articles and even the advertisements!

And co-incidentally, there are more Workbaskets to be won in Crazy Mom Tats' giveaway, pop over to check it out!
Come back soon to read about my giveaway in my next post :)


Sally Kerson said...

What an interesting post, and you have been so busy, all your work is really lovely. A night at the opera, what could be better, so pleased you enjoyed La Boheme

Paula C. said...

I love all the pretty things you make. The ATC's are beautiful! I have never been to an opera. It sounds like it was a very nice evening =)

M said...

What pattern are your tatted letters? I need to tat some letters.

Lelia said...

Your tatted ATCs are fabulous!! Where do you find the floral patterns? Oh my, they are charming : )

leliaevelyn at gmail dot com

Tara... said...

your little owls are amazing! Tatting looks like so much fun :) and i love your blog!

Sylviane said...

Your owls are so cute ! I love them !
Where did you find the pattern ?

singtatter said...

Thanks, Sally, Paula! An occassional treat to the opera and concert is sure something to look forward too!

Hi M, the tatted letters are Anna Valeire's alphabets, they should be on the internet somewhere.

Well, Lelia, the tatted ATCs are mainly scrap pieces of tatting, especially the flowers. Some are tatted using leftover threads in the shuttles!

Thanks, Tara, Sylviane, the owl is one of my favourites so far. I have just designed another goldfish, but will not be showing it yet.

The owl pattern is still on Georgia's Online Tatting Class, it is my free monthly paperclip pattern for Jul 2009. You can read more on this post: