Sunday, January 17, 2010

ATCs Galore and Jane's TIAS 2010

We had our first ATC trading session on Thu at Bishan Library. Moses organised a punch art artivity and these were the creations by everyone. Kristine did the snail and the flower cards (bottom left and the one right above it); I did the flower basket (2nd on the top right corner). I like Betsy's Beary Love - card right in the middle.

A more close-up on my flower basket card here, and 3 more foam flower cards I did earlier in the day.

The theme for the month was "Fabric", so I did 4 of these "Vogue" ATCs. The lady is cut from foam with my newest QuicKutz fashion doll set cookie cutter, and dressed in a real fabric piece. (the 4th card was not in photo as it was traded to Richard.)

Interesting cards I traded with Pei Ling (Sandpaper Flower), Rita (Fish), Richard (Textile Batik) and Betsy (Autumn Bloom).

These were what I received from Kristine. She drew and painted the left one with markers, and needle-felted the right one.

Not forgetting Joey, I got her finger-printed "Occupation" card, a hand-drawn frog, an origami flamingo, a QuicKutz owl and a kirigami snowflake flower card.

The last ATCs I am showing were what I received from Amy in the Dec 09 ATC Doll Swap with the theme "Sun, Moon and Stars". The card on the left had 2 faces: the Sun and Moon. The right one is "Fairy on the Moon". Ingenious and well-constructed, everyone went "wow" over them! Thank you, Amy!

Hotly downloaded from my camera is this tatting. I am so happy I have finally managed to catch up Jane's new TIAS till Day 6. I am using Altin Basak 50 threads. Up till Day 4, I really thought it might be a hibiscus, but now I think it might be an animal with that bead for an eye, but I might be fooled. Jane is so good with designing these TIASs!


Andrea said...

Hi Ellen;

I'm a relatively new visitor to your blog and I'm enjoying it very much!! I especially love your tatted lower case cursive letters. They've gotten me thinking of a bunch of projects :)

I'm something of a newbie tatter and am not very clever about making my own patterns yet. So, I'm wondering if you are planning to publish directions for the whole alphabet? I'd love to buy a set of instructions from you.



singtatter said...

Hi Andrea, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment!

Tatted lower case cursive letters? Only the tatted alphabets on paperclips are my own patterns, those bigger ones on ribbon are not my pattern (though I do hope to come out with 1 set someday!).

The butterfly series is Teri Dusenbury's and the other cursive set is Anna Valeire's. I can't remember the links as I am tatting from old print-outs, but Anna's ones should be on Georgia Seitz's on-line class somewhere.

Tatskool said...

Wonderful ATC's.

Andrea said...

Hi Ellen;

Thanks for writing me back! I love both the Teri Dusenbury and the Anna Valerie letters.

But, the one's I really love are your ones on the paper clips!!!!I'm working on mastering the patterns that you put up on Georgia Seitz's site for Dad and Joy, but they're like a teaser :) Now I want to tat all kinds of words! Could I buy patterns for the rest of the alphabet for paper clips from you or make you some ATC's in exchange or send you special supplies from the States?????

I just love those little letters so much!



Paula C. said...

I have a question about your wonderful paperclip designs. Could you please contact me privately so I can email you directly? My email is thecrossens "at" Thanks!

singtatter said...

Hi Andrea,

I feel so flattered to hear you like my alphabets.

To be honest, I have not tatted the whole set of alphabets, though I have done more than a, d, j, o, y. Of course the unique feature is that all are joined, unlike Teri's and Anna's ones, and I made them relatively small. So far, my challenge is to tat them to fit the paperclip, so I did not go beyond 5 alphabets at one go, but 3 to 4 alphabets are more confortable. Then the next difficult part is to join different combination of alphabets together. Each and every combination might be joined differently.

Are you looking at tatting the alphabets individually or all joined together, and if you want to tat them onto paperclips or not ?

Although I am keen to design at least a set of alphabets, I'm afraid one like this might be difficult for others to follow. Not too sure how many managed to tat the "Dad" and "joy" so far.

If you want the whole set of alphabets, I will need some time. Alternatively, if you want a certain word(s), I can try and design it for you, and I won't reject something in return :)

singtatter said...

Thanks, Tatskool, ATCs are really addicitive, I must pull myself away and do more tatting soon!
Especially since Paula has just given me a new tatting assignment!

Singtatter said...

I have read an email a few days ago asking me how do I cut the foam pieces, but unfortunately, I might have accidentally deleted the email before I managed to reply. I hope you will be able to read my reply here. Actually, I have no special method, and just used my QuicKutz machine with the die-cuts. I believe most die-cuts work with most machines in the market nowadays. Just make just the thickness is right when you roll them - not too thin (they won't cut or emboss properly) nor too thick (which will break the machine).