Monday, November 9, 2009

ATCs, New GR8 Shuttles and Book and a Bazaar

I have to show this first - Bonnie and myself had a one-to-one ATC trade, and I have just received her fabulous Apple Tree ATC, sewn on fabric. I love apples and the red beads look juicy-licious!
This is "My Love" which I traded with Bonnie, with a tatted bee.

My favourite shuttle-maker, The Shuttle Brothers, added plastic resin to their line of GR8 shuttles a few months back. Naturally I have to get some. I wonder how I have waited till now! Well, hot from the envelope are what Randy did for me: An orangy resin with swirl, the second one with curved roses, the third one with an embedded trinket and the fourth one in olive wood, all with a ball hook on one end, and with my initials scrimshawed on them. These bring my collection of GR8 shuttles to 13! Got my autographed copy of “Tatting GR-8 Alternate Threads” from Randy too. It looked like a Mathematical book with lots of ratios at the first flip, I think I need to spend some time to sit down quietly to digest the text! Should be worth the effort looking at the doodles of the possible flowers to tat up.

Earlier on, when Jon offered her tatting scraps, a few of us jumped on the offer. I received them over the last weekend, and look! Can you believe your eyes - her so-called scraps couldn't be more beautiful, some of the edgings are easily more than a foot long!My intention is to use them for ATCs, I think I should start doing some fabric ATCs right after the bazaar on next Thu.

That's right, I am tatting up some items for sale at the coming Active Day Bazaar at Surbana One, Jalan Bukit Merah, on 19 Nov (Thu). I don't expect a lot of sales, but I hope to generate more awareness for tatting and at the same time to do a wee bit for the victims of the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that struck the city of Padang on Indonesia's Sumatra island on 30 Sep 09. I am pledging 15% of my sales collection to the fund-raising effort that is currently in the way in Surbana office. All the donations collected by our office will be passed over to the Singapore Red Cross, which is working closely with the Indonesian Red Cross, also known as Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI), to provide help and relief to the survivors. So, local friends and colleagues, hope to see you on 19 Nov at my store!

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