Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paper-Cutting ATCs and TIAS Day 7

Thought I have lost them, but fortunately, they arrived after travelling out there for a whole long month. These are the paper-cutting ATCs I received for the Dec swop. Going from top left corner clockwise: "Poinsettia" by Mary Lou Sulecki, Unicorn by Edie Johnstone, Reindeer by Susan Hahn and "Rudolf" by Melissa Clark. Aren't they beautiful! Certainly well-worth the wait.

Think I haven't posted these that I cut for the same swap. They were all Chinese designs, and my tatted lucky clover paperclip to thank the hostness, Susan.

And my Day 7 of Jane's Tat It And See. My first thought was a rooster as I tatted Day 7, but looking at the 1st part, I'm guessing a peacock. What do you think?


M said...

I like the paper cutting. Over here at strange hours of the morning they show adverts on tv for things that seem like a good idea at the time. I saw one for a paper cutting machine called a Cricut and decided that I NEEDED it, till I saw the price... over £200!!!

singtatter said...

Hi M, besides Cricut, the others are QuicKutz, Sizzix, AccuCut and there might be others. It is not only the price of the machine itself, but also the die-cuts and cartridge and so on. They are convenient but also a lot of money investment. I don't want to keep track how much I have spent on my QuicKutz set and dies, or I'm afraid I will faint !

Try hand-cutting with scissors and pen knife as we have done for these ATCs, it is another sort of fun and very satisfying. The experienced ones think of their own patterns, I still follow book patterns :)

❦TattingChic said...

I love cricut and sizzix!!! ME WANTS, but me can'ts afford, LOL! Yes, I'm talking silly on purpose.

It looks like you're enjoying the TIAS. I wish I felt good enough to tat right now.

M said...

You cut those manually? Blimey, that must take a VERY steady hand.

I didn't realise that the price of one of those machines didn't include everything you needed.

singtatter said...

Hi M, yes, they are lot of things that go with or into the machine, make sure you check everything out before deciding to buy it. For QuicKutz, they always come up with new design die-cuts for consumers to buy.

All the paper-cutting ATCs I have shown are hand-cut mainly by scissors or penknives. It is an art of paper-cutting, known as Scherenschnitte (German), Kirigami (Japanese), Jian zhi (Chinese), Wycinanki (Polish), Mizrah (Hebrew), Papel Picado (Spanish), Decoupeur (French) or Papytomania (American)... long history :) Check it out.

singtatter said...

Hi TattingChic,no you are not talking silly, my sentiments too :)

Look on the bright side and take your time to tat.