Sunday, November 2, 2008

Singapore Biennale 2008

Finally, we found time to visit the Singapore Biennale today. Singapore Biennale 2008 is the follow up to the inaugural event in 2006. Covering the 3 main sites, we walked from 12 noon till 6 pm, with only a break for a bite. My back is breaking!

These are at the South Beach Development site. The charcoal drawings on the wall show the 3D effect well.
One of my girl's favourites, "The Dancer":
Next, at the City Hall location, "Evolution Mythology" - gourds that resemble human faces which the artist took a year to grow and shaped the fruit almost daily with his hands.

"Operation Supermarket" - photos of common daily products and foods sold in Iranian supermarkets:

I like this best, but the 3D effect could not be captured on film. "I'm Not Expensive", an installation using aluminium plates, fibreglass, urethane paint and neon light, the figures (a dancing couple, a woman carrying a troddler, a car and a boy sitting down) will turn as we walk from one side to the other. Just amazing!

Finally, at the Central Promontory site. My boy and girl like this the best, "Location (6)" - a vast snowy landscape:

"Flight" - 4000 slippers perched on bamboo poles:

These are but only a small part of the exhibits. It was a well-spent day exploring all the exhibits, an eye-opener, just like the theme "Wonder"!

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TattingChic said...

What a fabulous way to spend the day with your children.