Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Pantomime and Motif No. 17/25 - What's In The Heart

Once upon a time in the Eternal Kingdom, there lived a Queen who wanted everything and everyone to be perfect. So, when her subjects turn 18, they are sent for “Enhancement”— a programme to correct their flaws. The Queen holds a beauty pageant every year where she crowns herself as the winner. One day, her Magic Mirror, who cannot lie without literally cracking up, reveals to her that a new beauty has come of age—her own step-daughter. The poor girl is ordered to undergo a nip-tuck by the creepy Royal Surgeon. But she runs away to the Outer Limits, where she encounters junk, vermin and the rapping, breakdancing seven outcasts banished from the Kingdom for falling short of the Queen’s standards. The plot sounds familar?
That's Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs given a hilarious local twist - W!LD RICE's new pantomime! Hilarious and heart-warming musical comedy injected with the latest current issues like plastic surgury, tainted milk from China, reducing waste and recycling. Written by playwright Alfian Sa'at and directed by Singapore's funnyman Hossan Leong, the one to watch out for is really the Queen (the pantomime dame), played by Sebastian Tan. She (or rather, he) stole the whole show! And the children in the audience were of course delighted to see the children wearing animal costumes playing animals on stage. My children loved the music and the songs are catchy, the dances good, well, my personal review after catching it on its second night (27 Nov), it's a production not to be missed!
Back to tatting.
Like most tatters out there, I am tatting Christmas motifs for exchanges and for friends, nothing much I can show yet. But in trying to finish up some threads on the shuttles, here are 2 small heart bookmarks that I just made up as I tatted. I'm not very satisfied with them, and was contemplating whether to count them as part of the Motif Challenge or even to show them. After blocking, they look a bit better, so here are the small hearts. I will count them as Motif No. 17/25 - What's in the Hearts.


TattingChic said...

The musical sounds like a lot of fun! Your little tatted hearts look very sweet.

Shay said...

Nice job on both bookmarks, they should count ;-)

singtatter said...

Thanks, TattingChic, Shay! I am hoping to "improve" them later after the Christmas for Valentine Day.