Monday, May 26, 2008

TIAS 3 - Day 4 and a New Heart on a Paper Clip

For Josephine Ring (JR), I can manage the thread twisting, but I hate to count the number of stitches done if I lose count of it. Like most, Jane's suggested alternative way to tat up the JR is new to me. I managed to tat it this new way, but had to try a few times before I get it, and my JR is not looking its best.

Now, I'm fantasizing that we might be tatting an animal - the button's the head, ring 7 with the 3 bead's the tail, and the JR's the leg! Are we tatting more JR, Jane ?

I was meddling with a variegated coloured crochet thread like a size 10, and came up with this heart on a paper clip. It's such a small one, I wouldn't count it for the 25-Motif Challenge yet until I have time to develop further on the heart and/or tatting it on the paper clip.


Jane Eborall said...

Interesting - an animal, eh? I'm not telling!!! One more JR to come soooon. Love your little heart.

TattingChic said...

The TIAS gets more interesting every day. Jane, You are so funny. The heart is very cute.

Jessica said...

Love the heart. How'd you do it? Can you post a larger picture or a pattern so I can figure it out how to do that?

singtatter said...

Hi Jessica, I do intend to post the pattern of the heart, but I thought I will develop the heart further first. Stay tuned!