Monday, March 17, 2008

Tatting Meet Up and Motif No. 2/25

Finally got to meet Aileen and Julie in person. Invited them over to my mother's house for a simple meal on 14 Mar evening. After dinner, we spent our time going through my tatting albums and shuttles and Aileen's tatted works. Julie is more into crocheting amigurumi than tatting, a pity she did not bring her amis to show, but we had our feast on the ami photos on her camera. We didn't do any tatting, just chatting away, though Julie brought her tatting project on hand to ask for assistance. Looking forward to seeing your tatted bag, Julie!
Front row from left: Julie, Kristine, Ellen & Joey.
Back row: Aileen

And here's Motif No. 2/25 that I came up with - Vanda Miss Joaquim, tatted with Flora 20 threads:
This hybrid was first discovered in the garden of Miss Agnes Joaquim in 1893. The Vanda Miss Joaquim was proclaimed the national flower of Singapore on 15 Apr 1981. It was selected from 40 other contenders, including some 30 orchids, particularly because of its hardy and resilient qualities and its ability to bloom throughout the year, the characteristics to reflect Singapore's quest for progress and excellence in all aspects of life.

I originally intended to tat this for Vicki's Mar bookmark as part of the International Round Robin. But then, I thought it doesn't look quite like a bookmark. Hopefully I can come up with something else for Vicki within the next 2 weeks.


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

This is absolutely lovely!

singtatter said...

Thanks! Ideas are coming, and trying to keep up! I didn't try to design in the past, now that I try, creating is stressful but fulfilling.

Memé said...

Lovely work and nice photo of you all.