Sunday, March 23, 2008

Round Robin Heart Received From Meme and More Hearts Tatted Earlier

Meme's Round Robin post came earlier, but I could only collect it from the Post Office yesterday. Meme had decorated the envelope, the girl in the PO even asked about it! Meme had tatted a big heart and a small heart. Thanks, Meme, they are sweet!

These 2 hearts which I just blocked, I have tatted them earlier in-between when I was working on the heart for Jennifer last month.

Nancy's Clover Heart worked in Flora 20

Martha's Simple Flower Heart, tatted in Olympus 40


wickedtats said...

How Lovely!

Ellen, do join the tatted ring of bloggers. You can find instructions on how to join at my blog =)


singtatter said...

Thanks, Aileen, for letting me know about it. Just joined. Still learning how to set up things properly.

Memé said...

Dear Ellen,
Thank your.
The hearts look very well.