Monday, March 10, 2008

Latest Buy and A New Tatted Heart

I enjoyed most crafts even as a child, and have tried quite a lot over the years. Love tatting the most. I learnt tatting from Sheila Dutton in 1999, and also picked up a bit of bobbin lace later.

I have accumulated a small collection of shuttles and a pretty decent stash of tatting books and threads. I have photos of most of my shuttles in my Flickr album: and threads:
Here is my latest buy from Sherry Pence - a ceramic shuttle and 10 skeins of her hand-dyed threads.

I have been pretty active in tatting exchanges in the last few years. These are the exchanges I have participated in :

And now, I have just joined Sharon Briggs' International Round Robin. Those in my group are Jennifer (USA), Victoria (Canada), Hanna (Sweden), Meme (Chile) and myself (Singapore) - a truly international group, all of us are from different places. I have designed and sent a heart to Jennifer for Feb 08. I got the inspiration from a piece of jewellery, and tatted it in Flora 20 mainly. My 2nd child, Joey, named it "Heart Destiny".

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